Another Monday party people! This was a busy weekend and unfortunately when preparing this post I realized I really did not take any pictures. Meaning, this will probably be a short post. That's ok too though, right?

Friday I worked  a little bit then ran a few errands. I knew I had a busy weekend planned so I thought spending the night in was my best option. Plus, after a long week I need a break. Going out on Fridays is really hard for me now. I'm old. #truth. I did get some serious cuddle time in with my pups though, which was well worth it.

Saturday was a packed day. That night we had a surprise party planned for my friend and it was up to me to keep her busy. D and I woke up fairly early to hit the gym, which was a bit rough as I did legs two days before and was still a bit sore. I got through it though. Afterwards we did a little yard work. Being out of town three weekends in a row, our yard got out of control. Weeds were everywhere and our grass was way too long. We spent a couple of hours and took care of that. Then the time came to pick up my friend. The rouse was taking her shopping, which I didn't exactly have to twist her arm to do. We shopped for a few hours all the while her fiance and one of her friends were setting up. Her fiance asked that I delay a few minutes so in doing so I delayed us about 20 extra minutes, whoops! Good news is when we got there the surprised worked. She had no idea :) Success! Overall the party was successful as well. Her friend bought her a piƱata that was Olaf from Frozen. She was really hesitant to do it, but she got a couple good hits in and WHAM, snowman down. The rest of the night flew by and ended with a viewing of Django, where most of us fell asleep.

Disembodied Olaf head

Sunday I attended the bridal shower for my soon-to-be cousin. She is so lovely so as much as I don't love going to showers, I was happy to be there to honor her. They did a really nice job, beautifully decorated and delicious cupcakes. I was gonna take a picture, but I forgot :? It is always fun spending time with my family. That side is huge so getting everyone together is tough, but most of us were there. A few hours with good fun and celebration. Afterwards I stopped by my parents. I had to talk to my dad about a few things. I hung out there for a bit and had dinner before heading home. Later that night my dogs were not listening when I called them to come in. I found them in the yard with their heads in a hole. I had to drag them inside. When I returned to look, turns out there was a bunny nest with three baby bunnies. I am a little worried the mom won't come back. But we googled some things to try and fingers crossed the mom returns. They are teeny, adorable and squealed a couple of times at D. Will keep you posted. 

Bunny nest

I did manage to take some quick pictures of my bridal shower look. When I went shopping with my friend on Saturday we stumbled into Banana Republic. I took a quick look at this skirt and put it back as I did not really intend to buy anything that day. My friend decided to try it on and it was a bit adventurous for her. It was on major sale so she kind of talked me into it.  It was originally $128 and after all the sales I got it for $30. For some reason on the website it is full price, but check for it in the store. I paired it with my go-to tank. I love this tank. It is soft and flattering as it wears long. Perfect for me. I did not even realize when I bought it how perfect this was for my wardrobe. I had this navy tassel necklace and tassel bracelet that blended perfectly. Top it off with a cute sandal and voila, outfit achieved. 

Top| LOFT (similar / similar)
Sandals| Target
Necklace| Stitch Fix (similar / similar)
Bracelet| Banana Republic

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