Welcome to another Friday ladies and gents! Although, I doubt many gents are reading this blog but if you are "welcome sirs." ::tips hat::  For those of you are not local in Minneapolis it has finally warmed up. It has gotten me thinking about summer. I know, I know it's March and I am a bit ahead of myself. But I blame the retail stores and all their fabulous Spring clothes. If you live in America and have eyeballs, you will know that the first sign of Spring is not birds chirping or green grass but an onslaught of  bathing suits.  Every year I contemplate buying a new swim suit and then when I attempt to find one in my size I think "No...no...I am embarrassed in front of myself" and I tread on to a blousey top. This year is slightly different however. I would like to say I am older and wiser, but mostly I just like the suits more than normal.  This year I am really loving all the bright colors and patterns. The neon colors contrasted with geometric patterns and lines are unique and different than what I am used to seeing. I decided to put together some of my favorites this year for you all. So happy swim suit hunting on this beautiful Friday!

Patterned Suits