Happy Monday! Ready for another week? I know I am not. I had a pretty great weekend but Monday never comes easy to me. I hope I am not the only one. I really did not do too much this weekend so I have little excuse to be tired and yet I am. Thankfully today will be a minimal stress work day. A couple of fun things happened this weekend so let's get to it. Then a little fashion that matches my mood. 

On Friday we headed to St. Paul to watch our friend in hopes she would be crowned as part of the St. Paul Winter Carnival Royalty. D, one of my friends and her boyfriend all went to cheer her on. As a native of St. Paul it was kind of fun to see an actual coronation. As I suspected there was a lot of pomp and circumstance. There was some entertainment but you can tell that 90% of the people in the room were part of the royalty world or former carnival royalty. There was a lot of inside jokes and references to things we did not know. I definitely felt like we stepped into another world. They slowly crowned each of the four princesses and one queen. About 12-14 girls were running and only five would go home with a crown. Thankfully our friend got crowned the Southwind Princess! We were so happy for her. She gets a fun introduction each time where the Southwind Princes will point to her, she strikes one hand in the air and curtsies and they say "Oo la la!" It's pretty cute. Here are a few pictures I tried to snap, but we were pretty far away. 

2015 Royalty 

My friend being crowned

Afterwards we were starving. We ran down there to get tickets so early we did not get to eat before. We ended up at American Burger Bar. I had never been to the one in Minneapolis but it was not what I expected inside at all Mostly tile and industrial pieces. Turns out this location got a major renovation and it looked great. I saw a burger on a pretzel bun and know it was mine! Honestly, I cannot tell you if it was that good or not because I was so hungry anything would have tasted good. 

On Saturday we relaxed for a bit. We first met some friends at the gym to work out together and then did a little grocery shopping. We did not intially have plans that night but eventually decided to head up to our friends place so D and our other friend could teach him how to brew. It was a fun night just get together with friends for no reason at all. We did a fair amount of "adult" talk and by that I mean best washer/dryers, tupperware difficulties and end of life care. We had to balance that out. We finished the night by watching Eurotrip. Youth revisited. 
Saturday cuddles

Sunday was a total chill day. D and I had been wanting to go up to breakfast for a few weeks and we finally did it. We go to Fat Nat's and they always serve, delicious and big portions. Afterwards I ran a quick errand at the mall and headed home. I sat on the couch for the rest of the day. No shame in my game ;)

That was my weekend. Pretty relaxing. I mentioned before how tired I had been feeling. Maybe it is just a winter lull or something but I cannot shake it. Last week I headed over to one of  my favorite local boutiques Proper & Prim and found this sweatshirt, which basically sums up my life. It was a no brainer. I paired it with my favorite distressed jeans and white sneakers. I will be waiting aroundd for summer in this sweatshirt.  

Sweatshirt| Proper & Prim (same)
Jeans: Gap (similar / similar)
Shoes| DSW (similar)

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