Happy Monday party people. Hope you had a good weekend. Mine was pretty chill, which isn't the worst thing. I do not know about you but I have a structure about how I like my weekend to go. I am 30 now so I cannot go out all the time, I get too tired. I like to stay in on Fridays, go out on Saturdays and maybe do something minor on Sundays or literally lay around all day. I like a schedule, what can I say? It did not totally work out that way this weekend.

Friday I had planned to lay around after hitting the gym. My mom called me while I was there and  was looking for something to do. So she came over and we hung out a bit. It was nice because I don't have my mom at my house very much. I probably need to have her over more, but typically I go to my parents when I want to see them. After she left I stayed up only for a little bit before heading to bed.

Saturday I was awoken by my pups. They get pretty impatient, but honestly on weekends D is not around (like this one) they wait longer to beg for breakfast. After taking care of them I met my friend at the gym. We have started meeting on Saturdays to keep us motivated and to learn new exercises from each other.  If I must say, we kicked butt. Afterwards we hit up some of our favorite boutiques.  We drove out to Woodbury to go to Primrose Park, Sisu and Primp.  We also tried to get to Proper & Prim but turns out they close earlier than we thought on Saturdays. We hit it hard and it was a successful day.

Left Sisu, Top Primp, Lower Primrose Park

Saturday night I stayed in. It was the Saturday of Valentine's weekend so basically everyone was busy. I won't lie, being home alone on a Saturday and it was Valentine's weekend kind of sucked. I tried to keep myself busy. I did some research on a few things and watched SNL ,which was hosted by Melissa McCarthy. It was pretty funny.

I also learned that you can customize Sperry boat shoes! Did you know this? Definitely going on my wish list :)

Sunday was a pretty relaxed day. I pretty much decided I was going to go to my favorite donut shop Bogart's,  and then hang out with my family. I got a late start.  My dogs wake me up pretty up pretty early and when I fall back asleep I end up waking up later than normal. That means I did not get to Bogart's as early as I would have wanted. I literally got the 2nd to last donut. I am not ashamed. Happy that I was lucky enough to get it Any donut there is worth it. On the way home, I literally followed the wienermobile. Yes, that is the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile. I followed all the way through Uptown, for about 10 minutes. It was also funny that every time we stopped at a stoplight seeing everyone race to their phones to take pictures. If you follow me on snapchat (user:mcainmoss) you would have seen all of this. Just a hint ;)  Afterwards I went to my parent's house to hang out with them, see my niece and have dinner. Sunday wrapped up with watching the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead, which was epic!  

For my Saturday shopping trip I wanted to be both comfortable but stylish. I find you get better service if you are a bit more dressed up. At the same time I hardly need to wear a ballgown. I got this top with a 15% off coupon code I got for my birthday from Free People. I know it's a tank top and a crop top and that it's February. But it was too cute to pass up. This top inspired purchasing these high waisted jeans. I always shyed away from high waisted jeans as I thought they were not flattering on me, but I am getting over it. I have a few crop tops or simply shorter tops that requires these kind of jeans. These jeans are crazy comfortable. they have a good stretch without losing the shape. I thought I would show a couple of ways to wear this. I paired it with my new favorite long cardigan I got on major sale a couple of weeks ago at The Loft. This will be a great transitional shirt as we, hopefully, move in to Spring.

Top| Free People
Jeans| Express
Cardigan| LOFT (similar / similar)
Shoes| JustFab
Necklace| Target

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