Happy Monday folks! This Monday I am actually feeling ok but I was a pretty fantastic weekend so let's get down to it. Oh, and there are LOTS of pictures this this time so get ready!

Friday night we originally planned to stay in, but part way through the day I got the inkling to go out. A new brewery opened up in Robbinsdale, Wicked Wort, which is both close to us and my friend's home. So we called them up and out we went. Robbinsdale has built several interesting restaurants in the last few years and this brewery just adds to the charm. Most of the new breweries are pretty small and getting a table is next to impossible. This space is quite large with ample tables. It was hard to get a table despite this because of the newness of the establishment. This place was worth the trip. Lots of beers to try and basically liked them all. Definitely at least one kind for every appetite. Some were good that I tried but more of a summer beer so my taste was not ready for. They also put goofy games on the tables and sounds like there is music on some nights. What else is really cool is there is an open space in the floor  where you can see all the brewery equipment surrounded by these psychedelic lights. We also got a short tour and D and our friend, who are really into home brewing, asked all kinds of questions. I will be going back there.

On Saturday D and I planned to go to dinner. He made a reservation last week so I was pretty excited. We hit up the gym and then did a little shopping as he mentioned he was unsure what to wear so I took advantage of this ;). I got to play dress up with him a bit, which was awesome. He mostly got things he wanted except some grey skinnies. The grey skinnies were my brain child and let me tell you, they were hot. So hot in fact I will not take a picture because that is just for me ;)

That night we went out to Butcher & The Boar. It has been open for some time but have not had the chance to go. The inside was mostly dark, heavy woods with an industrial flair and some marble tabletops. We sat at a small table where one side was a long bench with multiple tables and the other side was individual chairs. We have a very knowledgable and fun waiter which added to the experience. But the food you guys....guys....honestly one of the best places I have ever eaten. Easily top three places for me. I had a sausage with vegetables and we split caramelized broccoli and the best mac n' cheese I Have every eaten. D had the blackened ribeye. We were both drooling and basically in a food coma afterwards. Observe the photos below. We ended the night at a couple of places started with Scena Tavern, Libertine and Betty Danger's Country Club before heading home. 

Scena Tavern
Sunday was furniture shopping day. On Monday we bought a couch and Saturday we did a little flooring research. So Sunday was to look for new coffee table, end tables and entertain center. Turns out that was a tall order. We have literally looked every where and found this one great coffee table, but it matches too closely with the flooring we thought we wanted. After much debate, a Chipotle, stop  we decided to commit to it and take another look at flooring. Turns out we will not get the coffee table until June. Le sigh. We could not find anything else so we did it. By the end of the ordeal we were so tired we just went home.

See? It was a good weekend. We did a lot and got some things done. What comes with that? Fashion of course? Ok so that was a lame segway but cut me some slack I am tired now. 

This is the look I wore out to dinner. I was originally searching for a dress and something appropriately sexy for a date night. Remember the grey skinnies? Yea I had to look good too. The new addition to my wardrobe is this killer skirt from the Maison Jules collection at Macy's. It is the suede which is so popular right now and the snaps are real folks. Which I can attest to as sometimes it came undone. I could have bought a bigger size but was worried it would be to big.  So this was it. I bough another shirt to wear with it but when I got home changed my mind. I pulled out this trusty Target blouse and paired it with these boots. The boots was the whole reason for this look and stole the show. What do you think?

Top| Target (similar / similar)
Skirt| Macy's
Shoes| Sam Edelman

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