Happy Monday! I cannot believe it is Monday already. This weekend went by so fast.  It was pretty busy. I hope you follow me on snapchat, if you do not add me now: mcainmoss , I snapped all my weekend activities. Also it is late as I write this and I am tired so I plan to keep this short :)

Friday was boring. I worked, went to the gym and came home to clean. We were going to have visitors basically all weekend and our house was a pit. I cleaned and sat down to watch some TV but quickly became exhausted and went to bed.

Saturday was a busy day. We had a couple of things to do. We planned to go to the Winter Carnival Beer Dabbler and then another friend was also celebrating his birthday. The Beer Dabbler is on the Minnesota State Fair Grounds and 140 craft breweries are sampling beer. We took a shuttle over from a local restaurant to be safe. It was kind of chilly out but overall it was a good day for it. We drank lots-o-beer and had a great time. It was fun to go to a bunch of places I never would have heard of otherwise. We also bought some merch because, why not? They gave out small beer shaped glasses for the sampling. Which to use actual glass seemed like a bad idea. It was. Every 20  minutes or so you would hear glass shattering and a crowd of people going "ooooo." It was sad because A) you broke your glass and B) 50 people just shamed you.  Thankfully none of us broke ours. I thought for sure I would because I am clumsy but nope! 

That night we went to our friend's house to celebrate his birthday. Afterward they headed out to some bars but we went home. It was kind of fun because all of us who went to the Dabbler came over to house and we essentially had a sleepover. I will be honest I imbibed heartily so it's a bit fuzzy but we had a great time.

Sunday we had people over for the Superbowl. My friends and family are all good at bringing original and good food so we did not go hungry. I think I need to fast for a week after all the eating and drinking I did this weekend.  The food was great and so was the company. Unfortunately the game was crazy boring. The best part of the game was Lady Gaga's rendition of the National Anthem. Which, by the way......

What did you think of the halftime show? I was not super impressed. I like Coldplay fine but they are not a half time show band. They needed Beyonce and Bruno Mars to make it interesting but then Cold Play literally played three songs. Anyway, we had a good night. It was fun to have a bunch of people over. We have not had a good party in a while. I was pretty tired though all said and done. Wish I had one more day for the weekend to relax.

That's pretty much it. Short, right? For a casual weekend I sported a casual look on Sunday. I bought this shirt at the Dabbler as I am a total sucker for a baseball tee. A pair of black jeans and my favorite white sneakers complete the look. I bought the shirt a little big because I knew I would l want to lounge in it. I really love it. It's comfy chic. You could easily do the half-tuck with this shirt and will transition well into Spring.  What do you think? I supplied a few similar tops without the beer on it just incase ;)

Top| Beer Dabbler  (similar / similar / similar)
Jeans| Gap
Shoes| Nike (similar )

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