Could not be more glad it is Friday folks. Even though it was kind of a short week I am super excited it is Friday. I have a fun weekend planned so be sure to top by on Monday to get all the details too.  Lots to talk about so let's get started.

Monday was a no school day so I got to work from home. Which is both awesome and challenging. It is awesome because I work from my couch in my sweatpants. It is challenging because I have to stay focused. I did manage to get a fair amount of work done, which was great. To boot I get to cuddle with my pups all day. They are so cute and most of the day they sleep. Every so often they wake up to wrestle and then go back to sleep. It was a pretty great day.

Tuesday we got dumped on. Upward of about seven inches. Now I know it was no East Coast blizzard but it was enough to shut the school down a bit early so I went home to do more work. It also added to my commute time, which is no bueno. It was not enough snow to give a true snow day. The snow stopped in enough time for the plows to do their job. I have to admit, I know that it is only February but it has been pretty tame around here lately and I was getting spoiled. Can it be summer yet?

Note: GOT spoilers ahead so if you have not finished last season, skip this. In the winter time it is classic binge watching time. With the snow and sun setting so early D and I spend a lot of time in the basement watching old and new shows. We decided a while ago to re-watch Game of Thrones and we just finished it on Wednesday night. I had to re-live the Jon Snow killing. It is so heartbreaking each time! Do you have shows where certain episodes you don't watch? If they are too painful I cannot watch them. For example, the first episode of Orange is the New Black and the original break up scene from with Carrie and Aidan on SATC. Ah, breaks my heart.

Ok so it was a slow week and thinking of five things so you got four. But the fourth is this awesome dress. I'll be honest. I went to the mall last weekend looking for a few other things when I stumbled by Express. I rarely shop there anymore. It's not typically my style, skewing a bit young for me most of the time. Every once in a while thought they get it right. I had my eye on this dress for a bit. I was not sure it would look good on me. My hips are a bit wide for my frame so sometimes this silhouette just makes me look wider. I tried it on anyway. I loved it immediately. It's super soft and comfortable. I can easily see this paired with sandals for summer or layering with vests for Fall and Winter. For this look I paired it with my TopShop Fedora, long Target necklace and thigh high Sam Edelman boots. I was imagining if I went to a dressier folk music festival what would I wear? I would wear this :) 

Eva wanted to be in the picture

Hat| Topshop
Dress| Express
Boots| Sam Edelman
Necklace| Target

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