Friday, oh yea! This week was one of those weeks where I always felt like I was a day ahead and then disappointed when it did not happen. So really today feels like a Saturday and being at work feels terrible. Le sigh. What are ya gonna do? Just gotta make it through this day and then I have some chill weekend plans. This week was pretty busy. I had a lot of work to do and a few days with some after work activities. Tuesday was  my usual yoga class. This week two of my other friends joined so it was extra fun. I normally like to work out by myself but when in the class it is nice to have some friends. It is more motivating and I like to push myself. On Wednesday I went out to the Turf Club in St Paul see a band called Low Cut Connie with my dad. The Turf is a funky little music club with a downstairs called The Clown Lounge, which is  a divey little bar where everything has clowns on it. It's so weird and fun. Not to mention the band was freakin' awesome! One of the leads of the band plays like Jerry Lee Lewis and stands op and shimmies around. It was so fun, but Thursday I was pretty tired. Just lucky to get through the work day. Now I have the weekend to look forward to. To get updates on my week be sure to follow me on snapchat.

Ok on to the good stuff. I got my February Birchbox and did my best to try everything out before the month was over, so here goes!

I will be honest with this one. I have not really used it. For something like this to really assess it's effectiveness. This says it help detangle and creates healthier hair. I am pretty loyal to Morroccan oil so it will take a lot for me to try something else. I will keep using it and report back. Until then Moroccan Oil it is! 
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I was kind of excited to try this. It says apply to a dry face and activate with water. The instructions says it removes make up and impurities from the skin. I went to pour it in my hand and it is basically a watery oil. I didn't like it. It came pouring out of the bottle and was really messy. My honest opinion, there are better products out there. They have had this obsession with certain brands and this happened to be one of them. I have not been impressed with this brand and that has continued.
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This I am happy to say I liked. It is a really light and almost fruity smelling perfume. I have mentioned in the past I prefer a fresher, clean scent but I can be swayed. This definitely swayed me. The downside is this scent reminds me of summer and it is February. Stupid winer ruining all my fun beauty products ::shakes fist:: I do love this though. For those of you who are lucky enough to live in warm temps, grab this for sure!
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When I saw this color I literally got giddy. Candice from She's Leaning In and I text each other and could not wait to try it out. Such a beautiful, fire engine red. When I got POP's eye shadows a few boxes ago I was pleased with the color saturation. Unfortunately this did not translate. It went on really dry, meaning I had to drag it across my lips, and it went on more pink than red.  I was really disappointed. Good news is I have lots of other tried and true lipstick brands so I'm good :) 
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Last was a little CC cream. I do no normally use CC cream but as of late I am seeing the benefits. Seems to help make a clean canvas to add make up too. I was not impressed with this. Remember when I said Birchbox is obsessed with brands? This is another one of those brands. Another that I rarely like.  Another no-go.
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Unfortunately a fairly unsuccessful box. These boxes are always the ones where I think I will cancel, but then next month's will likely be fantastic. At least I found some good perfume. That is worth it. What do you think? Have you tried any of the products? Leave me a comment below.

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