Stop. Friday Time! Excuse me while I Hammer dance.

Ok done. :) It has been a bit of a long week so let's get started.

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On Monday I worked a partial day. We worked part of the day at a training but then I met up with D for furniture shopping. I know what you are thinking. You are right, we are the coolest couple. Most people with time off go do something fun or relaxing. Not us. We are looking to make a few renovations to our house in the next few months. Our upstairs furniture I have had since 2008. eek! It's time to go. It has served us well but it's time. We thankfully found a beautiful couch at HOM Furniture and now are looking for the coffee table, end tables and tv stand. After that it's on to flooring. We are adulting. 

This couch, different color

On Wednesday we finally got out to see Deadpool. I know so many people that went to see and loved it. It is hard to find time to get to the movies so I try to reserve it for movies that benefit from seeing it on the big screen. I was so excited. It was really, really good. If you like superhero movies, sarcasm and violence this is your movie. This is not, I repeat not, a children's superhero movie. No kids should go to this. It is violent, crude and rude so adults only.

This winter feels like it is going on forever. February is the worst of them all. However, this weekend we are experiencing a bit of a reprieve in the form of a warm up. I need to take advantage of this. Saturday we are going out to a nice dinner so there is that. I sometimes feel that is not enough so I am open to suggestions. Today is going to be 50 degree for goodness sake!!

I am writing this so I can be more accountable. Going to the gym lately has been rough. I am tired all the time and going to the gym sounds overwhelming and impossible. I am busy a lot of the time so it's this whole process. Guys don't understand. For them it is about 1 hour 10 minutes including shower time. If I do it at the end of the day it's 1 hour 45 minutes including shower time. It's such a waste of time when so many other things are falling to the wayside. At the same time I need to stay healthy and fit. I am going to try to be better next week. I will keep you posted.


I got my second Julep Maven box right before Valentine's day. I will be honest, I was planning on skipping but forgot/could not figure out how. Happily I really liked this whole box. They did sweeten me with a bit of chocolate ;) First the nail color. I did not realize until prepping for this that the red polish is my named. Spelled my way too! You may not understand but everyone spells my name as 'Megan.' It's not. It's 'Meghan.' This polish won me over with that alone so I wore it first (pictured below) It is a gorgeous orange-red color. The second is a lighter purple which will be perfect for Spring. I think I will take the red off this week and try the purple. Last they sent a powder eyeshadow. I do not typically prefer these but I think for a striking color like gold, or gray this can work. The color wears nicely and bold without have to rub it across your skin repeatedly. The gold would be perfect for a night on the town. Overall this box was a win but I am not totally sold. There are so many other boxes out there now and for $25 a month I want more products in general. So jury is still out. What do you think? 

Meghan (nail color) / Kay (nail color) / Warm Gold Shimmer (eye shadow)

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