Happy Monday! For once I am excited that it is a Monday because it is a holiday and I don't have to work :) Thanks MLK for being an inspiration and with the help of many other heroes changing the trajectory of this country. We honor you today and your sacrifices.

The timing of the holiday could not have been more perfect because I need one more day to recover from the weekend. My best friend got married this weekend and although it was not easy to run around for two days 8 months pregnant, I would not have missed a moment of it. 

Friday after work I bolted home because we had to be at the rehearsal at 5:30 PM in Stillwater. We got our first look at the venue, which was stunning by the way, before heading off to dinner at the Sheraton in Woodbury. The preset menu was pretty fantastic starting with appetizers and ending with some dessert. My only complaint is the service was painfully slow.  Food was great, but I wouldn't be going back there for dinner soon. I also spent the night with the bride in her suite at the Rivertown Inn, Stillwater. It is this elaborate boutique hotel where each room is named after  a famous author. We were in the Agatha Christine suite and it was the carriage house not the main house of the hotel. It was huge and even had an Egyptian sarcophagus in the bathroom with the hot tub. We got back there pretty late, but I was really happy to get to be with her the night before. It's a bit of a stressful time the night before your wedding and it's good to not be alone.

Saturday was the big day. The ceremony was not until 4:30PM but we had lots to do before then. We got up pretty early to shower before the rest of the bridal party arrived for hair and make up. For sake of ease, I went to my regular salon to get my hair done by my aunt. I picked up the groom at his hotel before heading back to the suite. From this point on it was a mad dash. We headed off to the venue and I had about 20 minutes to get my make up done and about 10 to get dressed. I think for a short amount of time it turned out pretty good (details to follow). Then we jumped on the limobus and drove around town for pictures. We started at the Stillwater Ice Castles. At first we thought only the bride groom were going to get to go in. However, at the last minute they were able to snag tickets for us all. It was pretty cold that day but the previews of the pictures I saw were absolutely stunning and worth every second of chill. We stopped one other place for pictures before heading back. We did a few more photos at the venue before getting ready for the ceremony. The ceremony was gorgeous and perfectly short, about 30 minutes. I may have cried a little bit. It's not like me to do that but there is something so surreal about seeing your friend get married. Her dad was also tearing up and men crying makes me cry every time. After the ceremony we had a little time before dinner and speeches. I was starving by then so I ate everything in sight. I was really nervous to deliver my speech and probably should have practiced more. I was just telling another bridesmaid if you lose your spot just stay silent. Well, I lost my place and said "I lost my spot" and made a strange "erg" type sound. ::headslap:: I think it went ok though, I got a few laughs where I was hoping so that helped. One of the groomsmen gave a pretty epic speech and I was just glad I did not have to go after him. We spent the rest of the night dancing the night away with one of the best wedding DJs ever. At the end of the evening D and went to the hotel right across the street, best decision ever by the way, went to sleep.

Sunday was much needed relaxation day. My parents were at the wedding too and stayed at the same hotel. We met them for breakfast before going home.  I spent the rest of the day in my sweats watching TV and cuddling with the pups. 

Overall a pretty epic weekend.

I wanted to share quickly how I put together my look. I had an inspiration photo from Margo Robbie recently with a very warm, bronzey look. I needed a different nude kind of lipstick so I picked up Tarte's Bestie. I mixed a few lip liners with a bit more of a caramel color. When I was at Ulta I saw the Tarte teaser palette. From the outside it looked like the browns were a bit darker. I got home and realized they were not as dark so I added that MAC shadow, sable, to darken it up a bit. I contoured with the L'Oreal infallible for a light contour.  I topped off with my favorites from Too Faced for mascara, Laura Mercier for foundation and Marc Jacobs for eyeliner. Voila! My wedding look.  

Wedding look

Wedding look by mcainmoss featuring Laura Mercier

Tarte / MAC / L'oreal
Tarte / Too Faced / Laura Mercier / Marc Jacobs

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