Welcome to another Friday. Each one brings us closer and closer to summer and I cannot wait! This week was not very warm or sunny, so I am kind of glad it is over. Hoping for a warm up next week. This weekend does not look too promising. I will be honest it was a pretty boring week around these parts so I will keep it short.

On Monday D and I went to see the new Captain America. It. awesome. I love the superhero movies.  My dad is a big fan of comics and despite not having any sons he passed this along to his daughters. Seriously, if you like the Marvel movies or don't this is a great movie. Both fun action and comedy, but the underlying themes of compromise vs. standing for what you believe in. So good!

Work was nutty this week. Lots of meetings and organizing things for the end of the school year. It has been particularly stressful and looking forward for summer and some breathing room. I am going on a quick trip over Memorial Day weekend so I have some prepping to do ahead of time.  Fingers crossed I don't go crazy before the end of the year.

The closet is near finishing. D has finished mudding and taping the drywall and wants me to paint. He is anxious to get this done. We went up to Menard's to get some paint. I was a little caught off guard, I don't like rash decisions, but we settled on this pretty gray. Hopefully it turns out well. Pictures when all completed :)

Ok I need some help here. When we were at Menard's waiting we headed over to the garden section. We have to do some serious planting this Spring but I not nothing about it. I want pretty flowers and greens, but not ones that intentionally attract bees. I have a bee phobia. It was a cloudy day but rows and rows of flowers always look beautiful. Also, this new Menard's is fancy. Check out this escalator!

I got my third Rocksbox the other week. I have to say this is the best one yet. In the last two there has been one item I am obsessed with, one item I really like and one item I could basically do without. Not the case this time. I really love all the pieces. I cannot afford to buy all three so picking my favorite is going to be so difficult. Le sigh. Maybe you can help me out.

I love this. I am trying to master layering necklaces on my own, which I am struggling with. Necklaces like this are perfect for me. I am not in love with the speckled stone but the drop druzy is to die for!! It's so gorgeous. I really love these druzy style gemstones for summer. It's super cute and comfortable. Perfect to brush  up a neutral top. I wore it with this black top to work yesterday and I loved.every.minute.of it.

I am slowly, but surely becoming obsessed with this brand. I basically love everything. I cannot help myself. I have probably worn this every other day. It goes with everything. It is so my style it's like it was made for me. It is gold with some serious bling. Not super yellow gold, but that gorgeous antique gold that adds that killer edge. I am really obsessed this. This may be the one I buy. I like that it transitions well between Winter to Spring, where it fits perfectly with both Winter and Spring neutrals. The metal fringe is perfectly on trend and every time I wear a House of Harlow piece I feel like I belong at a music festival. I love how accessories can transform a look and this piece does just that.

The bracelet game is strong in this one. Every box I got a bracelet and every time I have loved it. I love the delicate nature of this. Perfect for summer time and just enough bling. The only downside is that you have to clasp it like a necklace, which is difficult one handed. I love the triangles though. So cute and a unique shape. I like things when they are a bit different. This would also be a perfect layering bracelet with something color and with fringe. I love layering, can you tell? 

SLATE Half PavĂ© Triangles Bracelet (similar / similar)

So there you have it friends. another successful Rocksbox. Which one should I buy? I love these too much to let them all go back. They are all so great! It is the first box where I have worn each piece multiple times. What do you think?

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