Chokers by mcainmoss featuring a collar necklace

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Four / Five / Six / Seven

I am really into this trend right now. At first I was not sure if I was about it because I had bad memories of those stretchy plastic chokers we wore in the 90s. Remember those? Oh they were terrible, what were we thinking? I used to pair it with American Eagle long sleeve tees. Oh vey...thank goodness there are few pictures. These have some of that old flare with none of the stretch. What I have noticed is they are either big statement pieces or very dainty and delicate. So take your pick. I go back and forth on which ones I like so I included a little of each. Baublebar has a bunch but there is a waitlist so I apologize for that, but definitely get on that list. Also, I won't lie the very first one is named Cersei as in Game of Thrones so I kind of love it for that reason alone. (P.S. They have a bunch of jewelry named after GOT characters and I am obsessed). I really love #5 that bow I think is just darling and any of the collars with the open space. I am sucker for that kind of negative space. What do you think of this trend? I am ready to take the  plunge soon.

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