Happy Wednesday friends. Welcome to another addition of Fitness Wednesday. Today I am talking a little about Fabletics. I have said before how important work out clothes to me. As a person who hates exercising, I need the cute clothes to get me through. There have been a lot of celebrity created or endorsed workout gear including Beyonce's new line,  Carrie Underwood, and Heidi Klum. I decided to test out one and basically chose the path of least resistance. I already have an account with JustFab and they are sister companies with Fabletics. I wanted to give one of these a whirl and despite having a JustFab account already, it is promoted by Kate Hudson. Have you seen the commercials? I mean, take out the fact that she is gorgeous and in impossible shape but the clothes she sported looked awesome and pretty reasonable. Done!

I went to their website to make sure I knew what I was getting myself into before I signed up. By signing up you get your first outfit for as little as $25. Each month you get a a selection of outfits based on your profile you fill out, but you can always choose any of the items on the site. As a VIP Member you get a discount on the items and earn points towards reward and purchases. The catch is if you do not select "skip a month" by the 5th of the month you will be charged $50. You need to remember this. I am so forgetful, so I put an alarm in my phone ;)

I picked this look from my outfit list because A) I don't like a lot of color, especially in my workout gear and B) I do not have a cropped pant and summer is coming. I must say I was initially skeptical. Most of the items I got from JustFab were pretty good, but the quality as not amazing. I am happy to report this outfit was not the case. You can tell the fabric is good quality. It has that weighty feel that quality fabric has. The pants are good too because they sit nice and high so they don't move around too much while working out. I wore for the first time during yoga. I figured it would be the best time of flexibility. Perfect. Barely had to adjust it. Now let's discuss this top. Um, hello? How cute is this? I am a real sucker for mesh these days. Maybe that makes me a stripper, I don't know. I love the mesh back and the hoodie. I almost feel like if I paired it with some killer jeans and heels I could make my own hip hop video. That's if I could sing anyway. I really like exercise clothes that are breathable and it does not get much more breathable than this. Paired it with my favorite Target sports bra and Puma sneaks, I am ready to get fit!

Top| Fabletics
Pants| Fabletics
Sports bra| Target
Shoes| Puma

Fabletics also sells some cool dresses and swimsuits. It's not just workout gear. Be sure to check it out! 

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