Happy Friday er'body! Friday really is the best day of the week right? You have to work, but you have the entire weekend to look forward to. True to form I'm super pumped today. Partly because I had so much fun creating today's post. I was really inspired by the sneakers in my Wednesday post. I bought another pair of slip-ons from Target months ago as well and the trend does not seem to be slowing down. I am loooooving it. This trend is perfect for me in my job because I get to be fashionable and functional, which is a win-win for this girl.

I scoured the internet to find some of my favorite pairs. I attempted to get the best variety I could, but also wanted to make sure I was showing sneakers that I love and would wear myself. To the surprise of no one white, black and grey are heavily represented. I made an attempt to get some color in there. I favor the slip on trend because I think it's stylish, fun and comfortable. I also wanted to mix in some more athletic shoes for walks around the lake and Saturday errands. I am hoping to add a few of these to my closet this summer to add a little edge and funk to my style. What pair would you buy? Do you love this trend too?


Sneakers by mcainmoss featuring sport flats

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