Welcome to another Monday party people. It's a bummer the weekend is over but I am hoping for a week as good as my weekend. Let's start with Friday. It was actually a pretty decent day at work, no major incidents which is how I like my Fridays, quiet. After work I went out with a few co-workers to New Bohemia  for a few adult beverages. Friday was GORGEOUS outside and their patio opened up. They got a few seats outside and had a good time. I will tell you right now how I know how pale I am, a couple of hours in the late afternoon sun I got a little sunburned. Le sigh....to live in the North Country. Friday night, again like I like it, was quiet. Derek and I watched a couple of movies and passed out on the couch. This is married life my friends and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday we kept pretty busy. Originally we had planned to do a bonfire but the weather was up in the air all day. Eventually we settled that we would try it and if we get rained out we would just come inside, but that meant we had all day with nice weather to kill. We debated for a long time about what to do and eventually settled on going to a Twins game. The nice thing about having a terrible team in a nice ballpark is that you can waltz up to the ticket office as the game starts, buy tickets and enjoy a gorgeous day. We bought the cheapest tickets in the stadium which put us in the nosebleed section. To my surprise though the seats were not that bad. I could still see the baseball so it was easy to follow and we did not have anyone around us so we could spread out. We were very cliche baseball goers. Grabbed two beers and some peanuts and enjoyed the day and the game. Unfortunately we lost, fortuantely we had fun. Two cool things: 1) Torii Hunter is back playing for the Twins where he belongs, which is awesome 2) The Cleveland Indians had a player by the name of Brandon Moss (my last name) although he appears to be no relation he looks nothing like my husband's family.

We have the best ballpark in the nation, I will hear no arguments

Sad little Twins fan
1) Shirt: Target, old (similar, similar)
3) Shoes: Sperry Top Sider, old (similar, similar)
4) Necklaces: Primp boutique
5) Watch: Marc Jacobs Baker Watch 

After the Twins loss we turned to our next Minnesota team hopefully for a playoff win, Minnesota Wild. We went to a nearby bar and restaurant to watch on the big screen. Unfortunately they did not win either. Thus is the plight of a Minnesota sports fan, hopes get risen only to be crushed. We decided to drown our sorrows at nearby brewery 612 Brewery.

Losing is better on the big screen, right?

After a quick pit stop at 612, it just so happens to be in the same building as Spyhouse Coffee. I have been desperate to check that place out forever so I dragged Derek up there with me so I could get coffee to go. Plus we had people coming over so I needed a bit of caffeine. It's so cool inside, I could live there. Beautiful, dark woods from floor to ceiling and ample seating. I wish I could have hung out there but had to run. Maybe another Sunday soon :)

Gorgeous, right? 

Later that night a few friends came over and we enjoyed a few hours by the fire before we got rained out. First official bonfire of the season done! Bonfires are some of my favorite things about summer. Very few things feel more summer-like than sitting around a fire enjoying some drinks with friends. Our pups get to run around all night and cause trouble and we get to enjoy the warm weather. What's better than that?

Oh, and at the Twins game they gave out schedule magnets and one of Paul Molitor, our new manager. So expect more selfies of me with Paul. Mr. Molitor if you're nasty. 

How was your weekend? Do anything fun? Let me know with a comment below!