I must admit when it comes to fashion I try to push myself but I have crutches. Am I alone here? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller.....? Sweatshirts happen to be one of them. They are just so comfy I love cuddling up in them at night alongside my pups and Derek. I recently purged some of my old sweatshirts I had collected over the years from high school, college and various trips I took. ( I probably still have 10 hanging around, I can't help myself!!) In my mind there are two kinds of sweatshirts: cuddle time sweatshirts and fashion sweatshirts. This weekend I purchased the new crown jewel of my collection. If you don't follow my instagram (::cough cough:: you should @mymonochromaticlife or my twitter @1chromaticlife ) over the weekend my friend and I went to a pop up boutique sale at a local shopping center The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes.  They featured a bunch of great local boutiques such as Primrose Park, Sisu, Flaunt Accessories, Blush Boutique and Roe Wolfe. Everything there was on a great sale! It was heaven. I definitely came home with a few purchases this sweatshirt included. To be honest, I think it is a bit smaller than maybe it is meant to fit but I don't even care I love it so much. Paired with absolute fav pair of Gap jeans and Target booties, I felt wicked skinny and comfortable. Le sigh, the dream!

IMG_2985b IMG_2989b IMG_2990

1) Sweatshirt: Roe Wolfe, got in on maj sale! (similar, similar)

2) Jeans: Gap, Legging Jean

3) Shoes: Target Susan heeled booties