Weather around here has been pretty great lately. Typically Minnesotans are easy to please when it comes to weather. The old joke goes "Minnesota has three seasons: Winter, Summer and road construction." At least I think that's how it goes, I'm not a great joke teller. Basically if it is above 50 and you see a hint of sun we're happy. With that being said this week has been 60s-70s with sun basically every day. Around here it's like: MUCH EXCITE :) ! I picked up this little number at Primp boutique a few weeks ago but it is has been too cold around here. It is finally warm enough so I broke it out. Disclaimer: I am a Minnesotan and therefore so pale I'm practically translucent. I have not gotten to tan yet. I am hoping to get that going soon, so bear with me and how my skin matches the dress. Happy Friday y'all!

IMG_3065b IMG_3062b IMG_3059b IMG_3057b

1) Dress: Primp boutique (similar, similar)

2) Shoes: Chinese Laundry, old (similar, similar)

3) Cardigan: Target, Cocoon Cardigan 

4) Necklace and rings: Primp Boutique (similar, similar)

5) Watch: Marc Jacobs Baker Watch

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