I am sure like most of you Christmas is part fun and part exhaustion. My Christmas was no different. Don't get me wrong I really love Christmas and I love spending time with my family, but it's a pretty busy holiday. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we spend the day time with Derek's family and the evenings with my family. There are a lot of kids running around now too so it gets busier each year. Thankfully this year we had our new camera so it was easier to capture all the fun moments. But first things first, my Christmas outfit ;) In my previous blog I mentioned that I am typically more casual on Christmas day. I like to wait to pick my outfit until after I open some gifts because I am kind of like a kid. I want to wear my new items right away. I did get a pair of pants off of my wishlist so I will taking that off there soon, but no worries it will be replaced with something else soon :) If you follow my instagram you would have seen my pictures as I was deciding how to appropriately accessorize. I eventually settled on the earrings. This outfit was super comfortable all day. The pants are stretchy but I LOVE the leather detail. I really love leather as an accent piece on clothes. The top I bought recently at Parc Boutique and thought this helped make the outfit feel more casual to balance out the leather. I love both these pieces and was already imagining the different ways I could wear it with other items in my closet. I am sure it will show up on an OOTD on instagram soon.

I was trying to decide the necklace or the earrings. Really I could have gone either way

IMG_1122 IMG_1123

Shirt-Lumiere, Parc Boutique, $32 (not available online)

Earrings: Primp Boutique, they were a gift so I am not sure the price.

Now a few cute pictures of the kiddos. I took way more than this but I promise this won't turn into a baby blog. I just so happen to have some of the cutest nieces and nephews on the planet. Sorry everyone ;) Christmas Eve I got to see my new niece Arianna and she was adorable of course. I snuggled her as much as I could because I was probably not going to see her on Christmas Day.

How cute is that dress? 
How cute is that dress?

I also got my niece to fall asleep on me. She is incredibly snuggly and basically the chillest baby ever, making her perfect for me to hold because I am generally bad at taking care of children.


Here is an obligatory picture of the my nieces and nephews on my husband's side with his parents. It is really hard to get a good shot of all the kids but we managed it.

Moss kids

Pretty cute huh? Overall, we had a really great Christmas. We saw all our family, ate some amazing food and watched our nieces and nephews light up when opening gifts. I hope your Christmas was as good as ours.

Oh and what would the holidays be without finishing it off with  my dad's Irish coffee. Everything great ends in coffee.


How was your holiday? Leave a me a comment to tell me about it or how adorable my nieces and nephews are ;) Also, in the next week my blog  might be on a bit of a break. With the holiday it may get too difficult
to write when I typically do. But stay with me I will update you on all the fashion details when I return.