So I have been seeing a lot of posts lately about New Years Eve dresses, party ideas, resolutions, etc. I think my fellow bloggers have done a fabulous job covering the gamut  in this arena. I try to use this blog to not only add to the fabulous fashion already out there, but to try to fill in the gaps. I promise there will be plenty of NYE pictures after the new year. My outfit is pretty awesome too, I'm super psyched about it (shout out to my friend Jackie and cousin Gina who encouraged me when I was too nervous to buy it.) My friends Steve and Jackie (of The Revolving Table) are throwing a casino themed party and it's going to be great.  Those two know how to throw a party. So a full detail of the evening will be on the blog later this week.

I got to thinking about how I will style my outfit tomorrow night, how will I do my make up, my hair? You want to know what conclusion I came to? I have no freakin' clue what to do. Ugh. Indecisiveness is my least favorite quality. So I decided to go to the next best thing, skincare. New Year makes me think of my birthday, which is next week hey-o! However it also reminds me that I am getting older and taking care of my skin is more and more important each year. I once heard it is never too early to start preparing for wrinkles and in the last couple of years I have taken that to heart. I do not think I am at the age where I need to invest in fancy potions or expensive creams. So, for now all these products I buy at my friendly, neighborhood Target. Here is a picture of all my lovely products.


Back in middle school and high school I was lucky enough to not struggle with acne as much as some of my peers. However, when I was an undergrad sharing a two bed/one bath apartment with 5 girls all that changed. I am sure it was stress induced and lack of appropriate self-care. Since then I have used the same facial soap and acne cream religiously twice a day and have seen a real difference. They are as follows:

1) Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser, $6.79


I read about this cleanser in an Instyle Magazine years ago. They highly recommended it due to the active ingredient of Salicylic Acid. When I started using this in combination with my acne cream I noticed basically an overnight change. It cleans my face without drying my skin out.

2) Up & Up Maximum Strength Acne Medication, $3.74

up & up

Up & Up is Target's brand of beauty and household supplies. The majority of the time their products are just as good as the brand name for significantly less cost. Clean and Clear makes the original version of this, however after trying both this works just as good for less cost. Benzoyl peroxide is the active ingredient here and it is the ingredient you want to look for in any good acne cream. I typically spread this all over my face after each wash and it just helps keep most acne at bay or prevents it all together.

3) Clean and Clear Acne Spot Treatment, $6.29

clean and clear

This is an example of the time when you want to use the brand name product. I tried using the Up & Up brand but frankly it was not as effective. This product has a higher Salicylic Acid  than the face wash which is what makes it work so well. The trick here is not to spread it all over your face like when the acne cream. This is a more targeted product to use when experiencing an extraordinary blemish :)

4) I cannot stress enough how important moisturizing is, especially during the winter months. It not only helps keep dead skin from going into your pores and creating acne but many moisturizing creams help fill in fine lines as well. It is hard to know what will work until you try it but here is what I use and I think it works pretty well so far:

Up and Up Radiant Skin Moisturizer, $10.59


This is Target's version of the Aveeno moisturizer. It works just as well as the Aveeno lotion. In the summer it works better, in the winter time I find myself slathering it on my face to stay moisturized. At some point I will invest in a stronger moisturizer.

L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Antiwrinkle and Firming, $13.99


This is my most recent addition. I noticed about two years ago some fine lines around my eyes and forehead, and even more recently around my neck ack! Like I said before it's not as if I have deep set wrinkles right now but I wanted to take a proactive approach. So far so good I think. I use it around my eyes and forehead. It is also incredibly moisturizing so I sometimes use it all over my face in the winter when I am really dry.

That's pretty much it. I am sure at some point I will have a whole cabinet full of ointments, moisturizers and creams. I am a bit of a beauty product hoarder that way. I would love some feedback about what you use that works or if you have tried any similar products! Leave me a comment to tell me about it.

If I don't talk to you before have a very happy and safe New Year! Wishing everyone a fab-u-lous 2015!