Hello! Finally Christmas has arrived. I have been thinking ahead about what to wear for this day. Typically on Christmas Eve I dress up a bit more and Christmas Day is more casual. I think I do this because when I was a kid we used to do our family's famous Christmas spaghetti dinner, we would go to church, then get back together to open presents. We would dress up for church and for me the tradition has stuck. I bought this sweater this year from Target. I love the pattern and it's Christmas red for sure!! The stitching from a distance looks like it is black but it is actually navy, which made me think of my high waist navy skirt from J. Crew Factory.  Lastly I paired it with my brown boots and boot socks for a little warmer feel. Hope you like it! What are you wearing for the holidays? What are you Christmas traditions? Leave a comment below and tell me, I would love to hear from you.

Sweater: Fair Isle Crewneck pullover, Target

Skirt: Flared skirt, J. Crew

Boots: as featured on Thanksgiving post

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!IMG_1036-0.JPG