Hey-o it's Monday. How did this happen? I was just doing my happy dance for a long weekend. Alas it is back to work. P.S. it is also freezing. Therefore a big ol' coat is needed. image imageMy old winter coat was a bit beat up and it was time for a new one. Before I had a long peacoat so I wanted to go a different route. I am LOVING this fur trend (faux of course) and wanted it be added to my collar. After much searching I found this adorable London Fog coat on Macy's for a rockin' deal. I also needed a new hat because.....well...uh...I lost mine. Whoops! So it was straight off to Target. I wanted one that was a little big with some slack in the back. Sometimes it looks like I am one of the Seven Dwarves, but when it does not it looks amazing! Check it out for yourself and tell me what you think!



Coat: London Fog

Hat: Target