And ornaments because I do not know where you buy holly.

I decorated my house for Christmas, the day after Thanksgiving per family tradition and because I want to get as much time out of my tree as possible. I always love setting up my Christmas decorations. Last year we were finally able to ditch our little apartment tree and we got a nine foot tree from Gertens when they were having a good sale. We have chosen not to get a real tree as they seem to be  A LOT of extra work.  They are messy, you have to make sure they do not fall over (this has happened to people I know multiple times) and I am more worried about our dogs drinking the tree water. Hence, a faux tree! Last year was the first year we put this up and it barely fits. We have vaulted ceilings in the house and the little star on top barely fits. It is one of those trees where the branches are already attached. the first time we put it up the bottom branches fell with a thump. They were ENORMOUS! The corner that is designated for the tree is pretty narrow and this looked like the tree from Christmas Vacation punching holes in walls and windows. We thought we would have to return it. After some problem solving Derek was able to tuck the lowest branches to the center of the tree and that shrunk the diameter significantly. The voila my tree! I prefer to do a color coordinated tree versus a hodge podge tree. We had a hodge podge tree growing up that was filled with old ornaments and trinkets we had made as kids. Seeing as I do not have children I prefer a more sophisticated tree. A couple of years ago I got really settled on gold and black, a bit like a Solid Gold dancer ;) Over the years I have expanded to a couple other colors. Here are some tips I discovered:

1) Start with 2 main colors that will be the center point of your color scheme. Every other color should fall within the same color family but will essentially be highlights to your main colors. For example  my main colors are gold and black my highlight colors are bronze, rust orange, white and some silver. The highlights add some dimension.

2) Get a variety of shapes for ornaments. I have some bulbs, some oblong shapes, various sizes of bulbs, icicles and some ornaments that say words such as "Joy" and "Noel." Various sizes of bulbs help to hide holes between your tree branches to make the tree look bigger. Icicles also are great for this as well. I also typically put small bulbs at the top of the tree not only because proportionately it looks better but there typically is not the necessary space for large bulbs.

3) Get a few filler items such as these. They similarly help hide holes between your branches but add some depth and texture to your Christmas tree. I also happen to think it makes the tree look more luxurious like I am at Macy's :)

4) Lastly, even though you had a color scheme you can still add a few interesting pops of color. I have a few ornaments that are special including a pink monogrammed bulb I got from my Aunt, a Godfather ornament Derek got from his Godson and this beautiful crystal ornament. These can add a nice surprise on your tree and makes it uniquely yours.

christmas tree living room puppies


My puppies wanted to help decorate as well.

I found a few other items that I LOVE and are on my wish list for Christmas decorations I thought I would share with you all (sorry the pictures are not too clear. I am working on getting better at Photoshop, but I promise they are beautiful):

christmas blog post


1) Manzanita Candelbra, West Elm

2) Gold pillar candle, Pier 1

3) Glitter owl ornament, West Elm

4) Glitter feather, West Elm

5) Frost faux garland, Pier 1

6) Gold foil reindeer pillow, Pier 1

7) Brass reindeer, West Elm

8) Frost Hurricane, Pier 1

9) Joy wall sign, Target

10) Faux boxwood kissing ball, Pier 1

11) Lanterns, Pier 1


Happy Decorating! Leave a comment and let me know what you think and your tree trimming tricks!