200px-Sashay_Away (Photo credit: RuPaul's Dragrace Wiki)

Except I don't want my chambray to go away I want it to stay honey! (I am having way too much fun with pop culture references today). Today's outfit of the day is the long standing chambray trend. If I am being honest I was not initially on board as I was looking around for a bolo tie when I first saw them. I checked the signage around the store to make sure I was not in Cowboys R' Us, I was not. Over time I have seen the various incarnations and I found my comfort zone with the button up that looks like denim but is not denim. I was in Gap a few months ago drooling over a black and white gingham shirt and that shirt must have been popular because it was never in my size. Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted this shirt. It fits like a dream and is a great color. The darker color works perfectly for Fall and Winter. I paired it with a big, chunky necklace. I like to find pieces that are versatile and dress up what would otherwise be a casual look. The necklace is from one of my favorite boutiques, Primp. This boutique is amaze because they have fashionable pieces that are inexpensive and the items change regularly. They were also named as one of the best local expansions in Minneapolis-St Paul Magazine's Best of the Year issue. The jeans I got from Target as a last ditch effort at the black jean. I bought several pairs from Urban Outfitters and they all faded. I discovered at Target the brand called Denizen by Levi. Listen up: run, don't walk to get a pair of these. They fit just right and the stretch helps keep the shape through multiple washes. They have faded but only minimally and it would be hardly noticeable to anyone not as neurotic as me. Also, and this is the most important point, they are the softest jeans I have ever owned. They are almost velvet-like. I have never felt a pair jeans like this and I feel a little like I am wearing expensive pajamas. Lastly, I'm digging the leather top tennis shoe trend. I do not typically wear tennis shoes outside of the gym but due to my job I am always trying to find chic ways to wear flats (I'm a higher the heel, the closer to God kind of gal). These are flexible enough for work but also totally on trend. These were purchased, you guessed it, at Target. I can't get enough of that place. Check all these items out for yourself., I left links down below. Leave a comment to tell me what you think!  How do you wear the chambray trend?


Shirt: Fitted Boyfriend Chambray, Gap

Jeans: Denizen by Levi

Necklace: Primp (shop their facebook page and get a closer look at the necklace on my instagram @mymonochromaticlife)

Shoes: Dedra Slip-On, Target