Happy Monday! So this post is a little late and it will be a little short, but bear with me cause there is an amaze outfit at the end of this. I had a bit of a whirlwind weekend. Friday I had to buzz quickly out of work to head up to my friend's rehearsal dinner. They seriously live about an hour away so I had to rush. I picked up my friend, headed quick home to change then up we went. We missed the actual rehearsal, which was fine because we were not in the wedding, but we got there just in time for the good part, dinner. They did it casual with a BBQ back at their house. It was kind of nice to have it be so casual and relaxed. It felt very much like the couple they are. We did not stay too long because for one, Derek had to get up early for the wedding and two because it was my friend's birthday and I wanted to see her too. I missed most of the party but snagged some of the nacho bar goodies. They had just started an outdoor movie when we arrived. They set up a projector screen and some comfortable chairs to settle in to watch the most recent Muppet Movie. It was such a cool experience and a lot of fun. 

Gotta love the Muppets

On Saturday was the big day. Derek and I woke up early to hit the gym before he had to leave. I knew there was no way I would be going the next day so it had to happen. Turned out to be a good idea too because I was for once in my life ready on time. The ceremony was held at Panola Valley Gardens in Lindstrom. Another friend of mine got married there years ago, but this was different as the ceremony was held in a different shelter. The day was crazy hot so I was thankful that we had shelter blocking us from the sun. Our friend officiated and they wrote their own vows. True to form, it was beautiful, simple and fun. Just like them.  The reception was held at Scandia Creamery and it was gorgeous inside. Twinkly lights abound and fun texture mixes of light wood and stone. We danced and partied all night and had a great time. It was an amazing day celebrating amazing friends. 

Isn't my man handsome?
Sunday was honestly a wash. I was so tired from the day before I laid in bed all day, but it was nice to literally do nothing. Hence, the tardiness of this blog. But now onto the fun stuff. I bought this dress probably 2 months ago from local boutique Proper & Prim. I saw it, tried it on and thought "mine." I knew it would be perfect for the wedding as it was lightweight, standout color, and a forgiving cut. It basically covers all the parts of my shape I'm not in love with and highlights the best. Not long after I finally committed to these amazing Chinese Laundry shoes. They are the perfect color family for this dress and they are basically the standout item of this whole look. I will say, they are not comfortable. Much to my dismay part way through the night they came off and sandals came on. I knew for the rest of the look I wanted to keep it cool and casual. I borrowed this fantastic necklace from my dear friend. As popular as this style is, it was crazy impossible to find one. I also used this hair tutorial from the Small Things Blog to keep it low key and casual for this colorful outdoor wedding. 

Dress| Proper & Prim
Necklace| The Limited
Shoes| Chinese Laundry 
Rings| Charming Charlie's & Target