Happy Friday party people! Guess what day it is? Nordstrom anniversary sale today. Not a whole lot happened this week so I thought I would forgo a boring update about work and baby to bring you my favorite picks from the big sale. 

I have never done this before and I won't lie, I did not go through all 45 pages. About half way through I realized most of it was picked over and/or ugly so I knew I did not need to include that. I broke them down into categories for convenience. Ready, set, go!

For me, jeans and pants were the big winners here. Starting with this wide leg cropped jean. I am desperate for this style and will be picking this up for myself for sure. I was hesitant post-pregnancy, not sure where my body would be. However, now I know and I am in. I also LOVE these spanx leggings. I already own these but am a total convert. I want all women to get on board. These are so comfortable and amazing to keep me in place. Everyone needs these and it's a screaming deal.


I had a harder time finding tops I liked. A lot of plain jane stuff that was not worth the right home about. I am pretty obsessed with this cardigan. I am a sucker for a comfy cardi to pair with all my transitional items. I also love this peplum jacket. I mean? So much good here. Also a jumpsuit for good measure. Super chic.

tops & Dresses

I am in love with sneakers. I really want to add a classic vans to my closet so these might be great. But also this super chic sneaker. I don't need any more sneakers but it isn't really about need, right?

one / two

A  few great accessories to add. Backpacks are still fun, if I did not have one for a diaper bag I might swipe this. I love the ease of a backpack so your hands are free. I also have a BKR water bottle and love it. Down with plastic and get on board.


one  / two


Last but not least beauty. I have a butter nail polish I love so this set is a great mix of easy colors for any occasion. Also, my cousin got me into Charlotte Tillbury. I really love the mix of nudes. I need some good ones for summer and into fall.


one / two
three / four

What are your favorite picks?

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