Happy Friday ladies and gents! I say this periodically, but do gents read this blog? If so, leave me a comment I would love to know. Today of all days would be a good one for gents to pay attention. I am going to skip the normal course of business this week but it's for a good reason I promise! :cough: giveaway :cough:

Lately, I have been trying to update my accessories game. It seems like one of the last things I think about after I get dressed but so critical as well. An accessory can really make or break a look. It can also completely transform a look. The right piece can bring something from day to night or from casual to edgy. Now, I can easily find a good necklace or pair of earrings they are everywhere. But the right watch? It's so hard to choose. 

Now I say all this but I do get caught in my "go-to" pieces. I dress pretty casual most days, especially in the summer and with my job a watch is absolutely essential. A daytime, go-to watch has got to be light and easy, preferably with more neutral tones. That basically means it's a versatile piece that I know goes with the majority of my closet. Enter JORD  (pronounced YODE). It's a chain watch but made of wood. How cool is that? So unique and I really have never seen anything like it. Do I sound like an infomercial? Maybe. But it's true! It is so light I honestly forget I am wearing it most days. 

I am always looking for an accessory that not everyone has. It's never fun to roll into a party or hanging out with your friends and have the same piece. I like to stand out a little bit, guilty of that for sure. 

I, personally, love to wear this to work. I like to keep it casual. I think the brown tones of this wood read a little day time to me. I also find myself wearing more warm colors in the summer and I think this pairs perfectly with that. My favorite way to wear it so far is with an easy summer dress, denim jacket and sandals. Keeping with the warm colors this whole look just feels the epitome of easy summer style.

Watch| c/o Jord

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