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Annnnnnnd I'm back! Thanks all for your patience and following along on instagram while I was away. I really debated with myself about prepping posts while I was gone, but as a working mom there just was not the time for that. I thought that better wait until I come back and can share it all with you. I am going to spend the week detailing my trip and sharing the details of the fashion I showed on my Instagram! Today is going to be about the hotel and beach/pool days!

In previous trips, we tried to do one pool/beach day and alternate adventure days in between. I thought we would do that this time around but after day two at the beach I thought "nevermind." I guess I am getting older. We flew in really early on Saturday and our room was not totally ready yet. As soon as it was though we threw on our bathing suits and hit the beach. The beach at the Riu Palace Riveria Maya was gorgeous! White sand, soft, and teal waters as far as the eye the could see. I could not get enough of it. It's true what they say about pictures of the ocean. I had about a million when I got home, ha! It was just too pretty not to capture. We only had a couple of hours on day one before getting ready for dinner. The hotel had five restaurants and we decided to start it off right by going to one of the nicer ones right away. It as the Japanese restaurant and it was fantastic!  Probably our favorite restaurant all week. We did not stay up too late that night as we were all running on a couple hours of sleep.

Day two we set up at the beach again. Another gorgeous day. I ended up basically sitting and sunning myself all day. I took a break here and there to swim in the ocean and D played some sand volleyball. The friends we were with knew how to sail so we rented one of the catamarans and took it out on the water. It was so (sorry this word is going to keep getting used) gorgeous! Bluest waters ever and we got to see the hotel from a distance. I wanted to take pictures but I was afraid I would drop my phone so I did not. We got back to the beach I took a little nap in the sun and before I knew it, it was time for dinner again. We got to dinner too late that night so we ended up at the buffet. I'll be honest though, this is the best buffet ever. It was a gorgeous setting first of all. Elaborate spreads and some things were the same but especially at dinner, they changed the menu. Service across the board was wonderful. Very attentive and friendly staff. They all had good humor and clearly, the focus was for you to have a fun time. After dinner, our friends returned to their room but D and I hung out on the plaza. There were shows every night in the theater, but the doors were open so you would not have to sit inside. Some shows were pretty good, like later int eh week there was a circus theme or a Mayan theme. Some shows like doing Jersey Boys were not amazing. It was entertaining though which is all you can ask for.

We spent the day by the pool on Monday and Tuesday and beached it up again on our last day Friday. The pool was fun because of A) the pool bar and B) the entertainment staff had new things each day. One day they did a foam party in the pool and handed out long skinny balloons and it looked fun. I say "looked" because I am not so much a joiner as I am an observer. I did take pictures. D participated in volleyball either in the pool or on the beach at every opportunity. He.loves.volleyball. I got to read this book I borrowed from a co-worker and actually made a bit of a dent in it thankfully.  At least two of the days we spent almost the whole day in the pool with drink in hand and we had an absolute blast! In terms of the pool, beach and overall service at the hotel, it was phenomenal. I could have stared at the ocean forever and on really clear days you could see all the way to Cozumel. We really loved and leaving on Saturday was hard as the ocean was even more teal the previous days. Take us back!

One night three I was finally able to get some photos taken. Our balcony was actually the perfect place. I brought the shirt and shorts and was not planning on wearing them together until I got there. These shorts I bought for the trip and my parents actually got this top for me for my birthday. This was perfect on day three when my skin was a little red and in need of some lightweight attire. I love a short you can dress up and these kind of higher waisted ones are perfect. I am also a real sucker for an army green. Plus these are from Target so totally affordable and look way more expensive.There was just enough green in the top to match with the shorts perfectly. I thought the ruffles would overwhelm it but actually, it helped to create an hourglass silhouette. Also, who doesn't love an off the shoulder? A staple when on a tropical vacation I think. I didn't need a lot of jewelry here with the ruffles on the top so I just kept it simple with the block heels and clutch.

Top| Apricot Lane (similar / similar)
Shorts| Target
Shoes| Charming Charlie (similar / similar)

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