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Happy Monday loves! I had a great and busy weekend! So much so I wanted to break it up into a couple of parts. The weather actually started to take a turn around here (hallelujah!) and we definitely started to take advantage of it. I am feeling a bit more invigorated with the warmer temps. I think we had some serious cabin fever and statewide irritability because Spring had not sprung. However, I think we are finally ready to rock n'roll here so let's get to it!

For today's post, I wanted to kick back and review the Fashion Week Kick-Off event last Thursday. I know this is a weekend roundup post, but Fashion Week continues through this week into the weekend so I think it's relevant.

On Thursday I attended Fashion Week MN's kick-off event Minnstafashion at the W Minneapolis Hotel. I have been to this event at least one time before and it was fun. Basically local fashion people, influencers, and general fun folks. It is open to the public but you are supposed to RSVP. It's mostly a party with fashion elements. They have a DJ playing music and I guess you could dance nearby if you wanted. Not really a dance floor of any kind.  They were small pop up shop of local designers. Mostly jewelry and purses. 

The most interesting part, I think, is the fashion showcase. Local designers get to show off some of their more avant-garde designs on kind of a spinning running. The hallway outside of the bar area they have a carpet and four spinning platforms. Models styled by the designer show off their most unique fashions. The platforms are on eye level so it's kind of strange to walk by these people pretending not to see you, but the outfits are cool. Definitely not the kind of thing you wear, anywhere frankly, but pushes ideas to the fashion edge, which is kind of the point sometimes.  There actually was one dress I thought was really beautiful that if you were the kind of person who attended Galas would be absolutely gorgeous. On the flip side, one of the men's outfits was a watermelon color combo and reminded me of something I wore way back in the 90s.

I ended up attending this event alone. My friend who I typically go with couldn't make it and with some encouragement from an insta friend I went and found some of my people. A bunch of the ladies from Minneapolis Blogger Union were going and I figured I would just find them. Find them I did :) These ladies have all been so lovely and welcoming. Regardless of the following size have been a community so willing to share their knowledge to make us all better. It was just another fun event to get out of the house. Like I shared on Friday, I need these little bits to keep me sane.

Next weekend I plan to go to at least two more events. Events happen all week too so if you are local definitely check some out! This is, I think, my third round of Fashion Week events and I love it more every time!

For the kick-off event, I felt like I needed to bring my "A" game. I was a little worried I would be too dressed up, but once I got there I realized I was good.  This dress was sitting in my closet and it needed a place to be worn and this was perfect (full disclosure, I won this dress in a giveaway but I seriously love it.). This type of dress is a little outside of my comfort zone. The dress is a little short, it could also be that I am on the taller side. The ruffles are usually not a thing I go for, tends to be a little girl for me. Once the dress was on I felt like they were not as frilly as ruffles tend to be. They laid flatter and it felt more like layering to provide a great silhouette. The pink polka dots were also outside of my typical dress. I don't wear a lot of pink. Again, when I put it on I felt very differently about it. When I realized I had a hot pink matte lip from Kylie cosmetics in my arsenal I knew it was a serious win. The lip matched perfectly with the polka dots and I think it gives the whole look an extra punch. The deep V cut too can be worrisome but the fit on this was immaculate so I didn't worry about it for a second all night. It was really a no muss, no fuss kind of dress. This dress had a lot going on with ruffles, polka dots, and deep V's so I like to keep the accessorizing simple. My go-to nude heels that work for literally everything was the major winner here. I added just a couple of necklaces for some sparkle and this Kate Spade metallic bag that just won't quit on me. I got so many compliments all night, I think I need another place to wear this. 

Dress| WAYF
Shoes| Chinese Laundry (similar /similar)
Bag| Kate Spade (similar / similar)

What do you think?

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