I am going to use this to toot my own horn. I have been trying to work out more, like 4-5 days instead of 3-4. I have some friends I do yoga with weekly, but the last couple of weeks my friends have had other plans so it's been piece meal. BUT I have kept going. It's hard to work out, I truly hate it, but yoga works for me and I have been proud that I kept up the routine.

I think I have talked about this before but Minnesotans love to talk about the weather. This week it is good news. About half way through the week we finally  took a turn for the better! We got up to 70s on Wednesday and I was so happy I could not contain myself. I think we have finally got out of the bitter cold and are ready for some Spring time warmth. I am totally ready to bring out my warm weather wardrobe. Get ready y'all I have some plans for you! :)

The living room is just about done. Just a few small finishing touches before it is ready for a full reveal. Next step: walk-in closet. D has been working pretty hard to get it ready. We are renovating part of our spare bedroom into a closet. We put a door in between our room and the next a few weeks ago. This week D put in the framing, worked on the electrical and got some help with the drywall. I was excited for our living room but I am even more excited for the walk-in closet. It won't be huge but way more organized so I am ecstatic!!! 

On Thursday I went to a local music TV show aired on public access called Lowertown Line. The band was local old school R&B group Sonny Knight & the Lakers. I was so excited to go as in the past they have local favorites Har Mar Superstar, Lizzo and Dessa.  They put on an amazing an energetic show. If you are local they are going to air it on channel Tpt today or over the weekend. Totally worth it. The studio was small so there was no bad place to stand and the concert was free, so what the heck?


I got  my second Rocksbox in the mail a few weeks ago. It took me a few weeks to make some decisions and I wanted to wait until I decided before I shared with y'all. There are so  many boxes out there right now it is so hard to decide what to do. What I like about Rocksbox is the rental idea. I was not sure I would at first, but now I feel like when I get some items I don't like it's not a big deal because I just return it and get new stuff soon. My first box was mostly a success. I ended up keeping the ear crawlers and basically wore them non-stop for weeks. This time I have some more mixed feelings.

P.S. I apologize for the photos, my camera was disagreeable. 

Perry Street Morgan Necklace (similar / similar)

I won't lie. I super hate this. The jewels look cheap to me and I do not think they make sense together. I like a pendant, but I am not big on these types of jewels. I didn't even wear this once. I knew it was not for me right when I saw it. It looks like something I could make with my old school bedazzler so....pass.


Gorjana Petra Cuff (similar / similar

I have been trying to up my bracelet game in the last couple of months. I find that it's harder to get bracelets that are as flexible in their look in the same way an earring might be. When I saw this one I originally thought it would work well for casual wear. I paired it with a tee shirt and it just didn't look right. It was too fancy, and now like how Carrie from SATC did it all of season six with this necklace.
 However, this is really pretty and I do like it a lot. Bonus: it bends. So it is easy to get on without scratching your wrist all up. I am worried about it becoming misshapen, therefore I probably won't buy it but glad to have it.

Sophie Harper Pave Ball Studs (similar / similar

This is probably my favorite piece I got. It is a lot like the last box I got where I wore those ear crawlers non-stop. These are truly the perfect everyday stud. They clearly dress up with all the pave gems, but also look great with a plain tee or a sweatshirt. A la Ms.Bradshaw from the aformentioned paragraph. The crawlers took a side bar when I got these, I won't lie. I really, really love them but have not decided if they are worth to committing to yet. Do I like them enough to buy them? I don't know. I like to buy unique pieces and I am not sure how unique these are. Although, the wearability might be worth the price. I can't decide! Thoughts?

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What do you think? Would you have kept any or none of these? Help me decide by leaving a comment below!

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