Yay for Friday! This was a long week. It was the first week back in the office after Spring break and had some trouble getting appointments to stick. I do not mind a slow day here and there but at some point I get super bored. I am hoping next week will be a bit better so we'll see. 

Overall I had an uneventful week. On Monday we got our new couch, which was amazing! It was more brown than I remembered but it worked out perfectly. I also placed an order for a rug which should come soon and D could not help himself he bought a new TV. We are going to really have to watch our budget after all of this. That is not my forte but I will have to get good at it. When it's all done I will definitely do a little reveal because I am so proud of it.

Other than that Spring is barely making its way around here so I am sure my daily attire is disjointed to try and make sense of it all. Hoping this weather warms up soon!

I got my March Birchbox a few weeks ago having been trying out the products to share with you all. Every month I almost cancel, but next month's is a combo with Rifle Paper Co. so glad I kept it. Here we go!

Birchbox has sent this product brand before and I have to be honest I am not a fan. This product was not different. The instructions say you can use it on your cheeks and lips to make them more rosy. I do not like products that are meant for two totally different areas. It is not actually a stain, gloss or cream. So basically it did not work. It added a little rosiness to my lips but it looked more like what happens when your red lip wears off. I did not see any rosy color on my cheeks. Major fail.
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I was not sure about this at first. Frankly, the last few eyeshadows I have gotten lately left a lot to be desired. I think one time I went and bought the eyeshadow from Birchbox. So I thought for sure I would not like this. The colors I got were a muted purple and gold. Colors I like separately but typically not together. I wore it all day on Wednesday from 7:00 AM to 9:30 PM without a touch up. Granted I use a primer too but it stuck and the pigment was great. You did not need a lot of it to get the color to stick. I actually liked the colors when I used them. A bit dark for day time but definitely a nighttime look. I would wear these again and they seem to be durable and pigmented shades. Would definitely recommend them!
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I love a good chapstick. Lately my lips have been chapped and cracking (sorry for gross details). I have taken to putting chapstick on at night before bed. In the same way you would put on Vaseline to give moisture to your hands at night I am trying to do with  my lips. I really loved this. It is not so much a stick, but a squeeze tube. A little goes a long way with this product. It is also specifically designed to help revitalize dull lips and I need that badly. I love, love, love this. I will definitely be purchasing a full size when I am done with this. It is a must for  my night stand.
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I read this and was so excited to try it. Unfortunately there was only 1 set to try. I put them on like some make up pads you use keep eyeshadow off your cheeks. They stuck on pretty good but needed to be slightly adjusted a couple of types. After using it my undereye seemed a little smoother and softer, but not less wrinkled. I would be willing to try this again to see how multiple uses would do. Curious for sure!
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I used this for a couple of days and did not notice a major difference. I am a loyal Morrocan Oil user and little I have found that compairs. This is supposed to restore hair and add shine but I did not see any real difference. I am sorry to say this is a fail.
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That's all I have to say about that! What do you think?Would you try anything differently? 

Have a great weekend!

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