On Monday I was not feeling well. I will save you the details but I think I ate something weird on Sunday. I had to take the day off which I did not love, but tried to use it to get a little work on the blog done. Hope it pays off!

One of the things I started to get accomplished this week selling some clothes. Over spring break I finally sorted through my closet. I sifted through my closet, dresser, jewelry, shoes and bags. I really cleaned house. Some clothes I intend to donate but some are in good enough condition I figured I could sell them. After much debate I put them up on ebay. There is more coming but go check it out! They are items I still love but haven't worn in a while and they need a good home :) Shop here.

This week has been basically nothing but clouds and rain. Oh and cold, cold! It is almost May and the temps here are 40s and rain. We really needed some rain around here as everything was pretty dry, but I am over it now. Ready for some sun! Hoping this weekend will bring some for us. It is basically Ireland around here these days.

Ok so if you follow me on instagram and snapchat (mcaimoss) you know I love the Kylie Cosmetics lip kits. I own four currently and love them. I wear them every day. The colors are gorgeous, I love the matte finish and they are long lasting. What's not to love? A couple of weeks ago she unveiled her metallic mattes and I am dying over them. So I ordered two and they should have arrived on Monday. Monday USPS said they were out for delivery but nothing came. Tuesday, same thing so I called USPS. They said they would check on it and call me on Wednesday. Wednesday AM I got a call that there was not enough postage so I owed $.95  and they would try to deliver today but if  I was not around they would leave a notice and I could come and get it. Well, obviously I work so I was not home. On Wednesday I grabbed the notice and drove up to the Post Office to find out that the carrier was not back yet so I could not get it until Thursday, which I can't do because I had to work late. So now hopefully today I can go get it. As you can imagine I am fuming. So many people screwed up, Kylie did not put enough postage and USPS did not bother to tell me about the postage due until I called. I am pretty frustrated so these metallics better be fit for the Gods.

I am really excited about the Who What Wear line at Target. I bought the trench vest a while ago and love it. They recently came out with some new items I am pumped about but this is from the first go around. A lot of times these collaboration are good for one season so the fact that it keeps going makes me happy. I bought this tank kind of impulsively because it is a basically a big target ( excuse the pun) for everything I love: stripes, loose fabric, structured silhouette, long. If I am being honest I did not even try it on. Figured if I got home and it was terrible I could return it no big deal. It sat there while I waited for the weather around here to decide to be Spring. When I finally plucked it from my closet to put on it' s like it was made for me. It fits perfectly. The long cut helps elongate my body and the high cut narrows so your silhouette does not just look like a big box. Stripes don't hurt either ;) It works perfectly with this House of Harlow necklace, which is freakin' amaze, and these fun wedges I got from Target last year. This is perfect for Spring and I can imagine pairing this top with skirts, shorts and fun pants. So versatile. What do you think?

Top| Target
Jeans| Banana Republic
Shoes| Target (similar / similar)
Necklace| House of Harlow (similar / similar)

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