Happy Monday lovelies! This weekend was super busy for me, not so much with fun things with boring adulting things so I will keep it short. I write this late on Sunday and am exhausted, so short and sweet it is.

Friday, I won't lie, was a recovery day. Thursday as St. Patrick's Day and we stayed out all day. I am learning as I get older that I cannot do that with the same ease I did it even a couple of years ago. Although I am better at pacing myself I was basically useless on Friday. I came home, picked up the pups from parents, took a shower and laid on the couch all day. D did a little bit of work at his job and came home and lounged too. We ordered out, because we were still living in a construction site, and hit the hay by 11:00 PM. Thriling right?

Saturday was basically a work day. I slept in a bit, I needed sleep from the aformentioned holiday, and then tried to figure out how I could be helpful. D said that I could sand and paint the baseboards to which I said "how else can I be helpful?" But I gave in as there was really nothing else to do. We popped over to our friend's house to get a tool we needed and ended up talking to them for a while. What can we say, we are chatty? We went home and went to work. I have decided sanding is the worst thing to do, ever. I just got really cranky about and complained like a spoiled teenager. As a result I managed to convince D to go to our favorite Minneapolis bar, Donny Dirk's. At least we ended the night with something more fun.

Dirk's laser show

Sunday was another work day. Told you this weekend was boring. Good news is the floor is in!!! Thank jeebus. We still have to put the baseboards back on and the quarter round, but the boards are in people! All said and done this took 10 days. In that time we lost access to our stove so we could not cook. It was a long 10 days  and I am glad to be back to some semblance of normalcy. I finished sanding the baseboards and put two coats of paint on them. Then I put together our new entertainment center, which also took forever. This whole project has become a huge nuisance but as I sit here looking at a finished floor I am so much happier.

That's it. The whole weekend. I thought this weekend deserved a casual look. Although I spent most of the weekend in sweats and tennis shoes I think this fit the casual bill. I saw this vest from Target at their Who What Wear line. I really, really love this line. What is also great about it is it is the first line where they also included plus sizes. Not different clothes, the same clothes just for plus size. So great and fashionable! I scrambled to get this vest and I bought it a little big bit I love it still. When I walk I feel like Neo, haha and I love it. This is the statement piece of the look so all you really need is a tee and some boots to call it a day. This is a men's tee shirt in one of those three packs from Target. Keepin' it simple has been my thing lately. It's probably because it is Spring and I love more simplicity this time of year. Special attention to these sunglasses from Windsor. Still loving these and getting constant compliments.  

Top| Target
Vest| Target
Shoes| Target
Sunglasses| Windsor

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