It's that time of year again. Spring break time. That time when some go to distant, tropical destinations like Mexico and Miami while others sit at home and blog about it ;). I may be a little late to the party but this week is my Spring break and per usual I am at home. However I cannot help but drool over the new swimsuits out every where and wish I was headed on vacation. I collected a few of my favorites for you. 

I almost exclusively buy my swimsuits at Target and Victoria's Secret. They are quality suits and always have a great selection. With the exception of the Holdensmaa suits which I have had my eye on forever. They have adorable prints, unique cuts and whatever the fabric is looks gorgeous! Also it is no shock I like black and white. My own collection is black, navy and one old white and pink suit. So this collection is pretty reflective of my own. 

As I get older I am a bit more self conscious about the cuts I choose. I no longer can sport a string bikini (things don't sit like they used to) or a cheeky bottom cut, as per my previous comment. I need bit more full coverage everywhere.  I like the wider strap bikini bottoms in the top row for this reason. I also am really into the wider strap under the bikini top that accentuates the empire waist area as this is the smallest part on my body. Anything that draws attention towards that is good for me. Another surprise for me is the rise in one pieces. I have not worn one since elementary gym during the swimming unit but they are coming back with a bang. Super cute cuts and styles that really are flattering on anyone. This mesh panel number from Target is giving me life!  The last trend I am obsessed with is the strappy cutout pattern, as evidenced by the bottom row. In lieu of a string bottom you can do a wider strap but have the small cutouts to add a little edge. I really love the extra straps on the bottom middle one are a unique flair to and otherwise typical silhouette. I added the hot pink one for a bit of color for those of you who do and the straps on the top that completely make this suit for me. 

There you have it, some of my favs. What do you think? Which one would you buy?Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

Spring Break

Spring Break by mcainmoss featuring bikini swimwear

Top row / Victoria's Secret / Victoria's Secret / Target / Target
Bottom row: Holdensmaa (top, bottom) / Target / Target

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