Happy  Friday folks! Another Friday closer to Spring! I am seriously counting down the days I cannot wait for this winter to be over. Also, in a couple of weeks is one of my favorite holidays, St.  Patrick's Day. I cannot wait for it!  In the meantime, it was actually kind of a busy week so let's get to it!

This is that wierd time of year around here where the weather is totally unpredictable. If you read my Monday post you know w had a bit of a warm up this weekend. Unfortunately it did not last. It was bitter cold again on Monday and Tuesday and I was not prepared for it. Can't it be Spring yet? I am so over this. It's March now so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I just wish it was brighter, sooner.

I posted the other week about getting a new couch. We are starting to do a lot more things now. We have been in the house for 3 years now and there is a lot we have wanted to do and haven't done. This week we got the door in for the walk-in closet. We are breaking down one room to make it a smaller room and the other part being our closet. Overall it will not give us too much more room but we can organize it better which will be helpful. Follow me on snapchat (@mcainmoss) as I will post updates :)

On Thursday I went to watch D play in his community band. The concert was interesting because it was two bands. D's community band and the high school band who's auditorium they use. I like watching him play. It's fun to see him find a way to keep up his passion for music. Plus I just want to encourage habits that aren't video games ;)

On Wednesday some friends invited us to go to Indeed Brewery for charity. The proceeds were going to the Minnesota Historical Society, plus there was trivia. Beer and trivia? In! There were three rounds of trivia and I learned for the month of March each Wednesday is a charity day. We drank a little beer and played some games, but then got hungry. Much to my dismay we headed to Anchor Fish & Chips. I will be clear, if you like seafood this is the place. However, I do not. But everyone wanted to go so we went. They had some other meat on the menu so I made due. Overall we had a really fun night.

Anchor Fish + Chips

Fringe is a major trend right now. I have seen lots of fringe sweaters during winter but not one that I love yet.  Last weekend I went to the Primp  Warehouse sale with my friend. I saw this sweater and I was like "done, mine!" I didn't even try it on, I just knew it would work. It's so comfortable and I love the pattern. When you look close it is almost like mismatched stripes. Plus it's black and white, so it's so me. Then I saw these little slip ons and had to dig through  huge pile to find the right size. They are a little snug but I don't even care. I love the spots and the pointed toe , which is a unique silhouette for slip ons. It makes them a little more fun and perfect for work or play. I topped it off with my fav Liverpool pants and dangly earrings. Perfect look. What do you think? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you.

Sweater| Primp (similar / similar)
Pants| Liverpool (similar / similar)
Sneakers| Primp (same/ same )

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