Welcome another Monday. I have to say I am exhausted this Monday. More so than normal if you can believe it. We were really busy this weekend so let's get to it. I also decided to balance out the roughness of part of the weekend with a delicate, sweet look so stay tuned.

Friday night we were supposed to go out for my dad's birthday. A couple hours before we were supposed to go out I got a text that both  my  mom and little sister were sick so we weren't going out. I was bummed because I wanted to celebrate my dad and I knew the rest of the weekend we would be in.  About an hour later, Dad changed his  mind. Probably because both people in his home were sick. So myself, D and my older sister went out with my dad. We went to a new pizza place in White Bear Lake, Pizzeria Pezzo. My dad and older sister had been but I and D had not. It is coal fired pizza and it's delicious. We split an appetizer and two pizzas before heading out for more drinks. On our way out where heard a car drive by and shout "where are you going?!" Turns out my aunt who lives nearby saw my facebook post and stopped by on our way home. She drove us to our next destination the newly minted The Alchemist. It is a craft cocktail place that truly looks like an Alchemist's laboratory.  Dark light, medieval chandeliers and odd trinkets. We sat at a table that was held up on side one by a big, black metal chain. It was really cool and a marvelously quirky place for an otherwise conservative suburb. We finished the night at an old favorite, Washington Square, before heading home. 

On Saturday we really got started on installing our new floor. Our kitchen and upstairs living room flow together. We had an inexpensive laminate floor and cheap carpet in the living room. With two dogs running around both got difficult to maintain. After much searching and debate we settled on a really gorgeous grey Pergo laminate for the whole area. Saturday started off well until we discovered that under the kitchen laminate was not one, but two layers of linoleum. Le sigh. Oh and the second layer was more hideous than the first. It was a wall brick pattern. What the what?! We had planned to lay the laminate over the top but with two layers we had to rip it up. Thankfully we got some advice from a friend and help from another. Unfortunately it basically took us all night to do that. We hit the hay pretty early to get started again  on Sunday.

Ugly, right?

Clean, clean

On Sunday our friend came over again. We did a little prep work before laying the boards. Unfortunately laying the boards is more of a two man job than a three man job and I was regulated to the basement. Maybe most people would be happy to sit there, normally I am most people, but I just really wanted it to get done. I did my best to stay out of the way and I went on a food run until our friend left and then I helped take over. It was immensely frustrating as the boards were stubborn and would shift around. Then you would have to undo what you did to fix it and then put it all back together again. So after a total of 8 1/2 hours of work we got the living room done. Not nearly where we hoped to be, but it's a start.

So as you can see very little glam in this weekend so I had to even out with some delicate Spring touches. I bought this romantic top from Free People several weeks ago and was waiting for the right time and right combination of pieces to wear it.  I love the ruffle sleeve and matching cutouts in the front and back. When I bought it I worried I would have to wear a special bra with it, but I didn't which makes it even better. I am really obsessed with gray right now, well let's face it when aren't I obsessed with gray? I really love these Level 99 jeans. I keep forgetting I have them and every time I wear them I remember how awesome they are. I think they are a great transition from a black jean/pant to grey for Spring/ Summer. I topped it off with these fantastic nude heels. I imagine wearing this for a date night, whenever we get this flooring done. Ugh.

What do you think? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

Jeans| Level 99 
Shoes| Lauren Conrad for Kohls (similar / similar)

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