Can I get a "woot woot" for Friday?  Say "yes, yes you can get a 'woot woot' if it were 1999, Meg" I'll take it! :)

Sorry it's been a long week. This week I worked mostly from home, which sounds fun but gets a bit boring. I didn't mind it right away but about part way through day two I got a little lonely. So I filled my time with my favorite friends, Bravo TV's Real Housewives. I am all caught up and then some. With that being said I had a pretty boring week. To fill this #H54F I decided to share my newest Stitch Fix. After my last successful fix I requested the same stylist and I am so glad I did. She gets me so I am requesting her again for sure. Her style is very on point for me. Loving it! Here we go!


This I loved immediately. I mean, come on am I right? First I am in love in chambray. I already have a plain chambray top and a sleeveless one for summer. What I really loved about this one was the mixing of the dark and light. Then I saw the dark tails in the back and was all "done. Mine." You had me at chambray.


I love an asymmetrical cut. This is a fact. I also love monochrome colors. This is also a fact. So I love this, yes? Yes, yes I do. The problem here is I already have about six white and/or cream sleeveless tops. Although I really liked the cut of this I could not justify adding something so similar to my already packed closet. This would be great to dress down or up. You can easily add a sweater or jacket if it's chilly or leave it alone when it gets warmer. Definitely a great add, just not this time around.


Remember the other week when I said the cold shoulder/off the shoulder was in?  Well here you go. I was not sure at first I was going to like this. It is hard to tell in the photo but the fabric is a bit of a stretchy, ribbed sweater material. The kind that looks like it would stretch out a lot as you wear it However, when I tried it on I just love how it fit. I liked that my shoulders are out but it is still conservative enough to wear to work. It did stretch out when I wore it, but it did not become misshapen. Love! It's mine. 


I was really hesitant with these when I first got them. However, I got another pair of Liverpool leggings from Stitch Fix last time and loved them. I really debated and my cousin from She's Leaning In  said that floral pants were all the rage in the UK last year. I thought a lot about it but eventually decided against them. Not sure I am ready for a floral pant. I generally try to draw attention away from the shape of my thighs and I thought this would draw too much attention. Maybe in a different color and in a cropped pant I could get on board.  Back these go!


Last and certainly least were these shoes.  I have to be honest, these were the one outlier. Stitch Fix is really working shoes into their rotation so I get they were excited. However, I am not down with these. Cobalt blue is really hard to pull off in the first place let alone with a laser cut, buckle and heel. It is too much. Plus, these heels broke the cardinal rule: they were below three inches. For shame! It's either flat or 3 inches, I do not do in between. These went back.

There ya have it. Another overall successful fix. The problem I mostly have is I cannot afford to buy all the items so I have to be picky. Even with that I purchased 2 out of 5 and that ain't bad. What do you think? Would you have chosen any of the items? Leave a comment I would love to hear from you.

If you do not have Stitch Fix and looking to sign up, click here!

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