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There all done. This has been a bit of a long week. As we get closer to Spring break I am dying to put on some warm weather clothes. Around here the temperatures have been flirting with almost summer heat and quickly swinging back down. On Tuesday it was 70 degrees here and then Wednesday was 40 degrees. So it goes living in Minnesota. Le sigh. But it has got me thinking about Springtime gear. I  met up with a friend the other week and she asked me "tell me what are the new trends?" and I thought for a minute and couldn't answer especially when she added the caveat "and don't say florals." I have to say I was a bit embarrassed I could not answer that question. I took some time to think about it, and did some research, to compile my favorite Spring trends. What a better day to share these than a #H54F post?

Spring Trends

Spring Trends by mcainmoss featuring a brown purse

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This is probably the biggest trends I have seen in the stores. It is also my favorite. I think there is something really sexy about shoulders and collarbone. I always have, I don't know why. Don't analyze it just go with it. There are several ways to wear this trend. One ways it the one I am showing, which is totally off the shoulder. Another way is more of the cold shoulder. I am seeing this being worn two ways: 1) with a crew collar and shoulder peak and 2) with a halter neckline and more exposed shoulders. Either is fabulous. This whole trend is fabulous. It is coming in shirts and dresses so find what you like and get on board.

Although the pantone color of the year is rose quartz and serenity, but I am seeing orange every where. Much to my pleasure it is not hunter orange (eesh) but a more of a blood orange. I have been eyeing this dress from Everly for a while and it's super affordable. I will definitely be snagging it up. I see it with a cute pair of nude, peep toe boots. I do not wear a lot of color but when I do it's typically statement, which is exactly what this is. What's even better is that the color is basically the whole look and you literally need nothing else to go with it. Super simple and perfect for Spring.

This is one of two ways I am showing the lace up trend. This lace front type top has been in a for a few months but it is really taking off right now. Not only do you have this NSFW (not safe for work ) version of this look, but there are lace ups everywhere. They are showing up on the back of shirts, sides and a more demure cut in the front. I love the trend for how versatile because depending on the cut it can be very sexy for date night or more conservative for work.

I was not even sure what to call this trend. On some sites I saw it called "grandma" and other's more "garage sale." It reminds me of patchwork quilt that is appropriate for summer festivals. Normally I would shy so far away from this. But I think really done the right way and in the right setting this is amazing. I like this one because althought it is patchwork, all the prints seem to belong in the same universe, if that makes sense (sorry I have Marvel on the brain). I like the effortlessness of this and with the right cut, could really work on any body shape. My favorite thing about spring and summer trends is the ease of them. This epitomizes that.

I am happy to report the saddle bag is here to stay! I don't know what it is about this bag but I love it. I think it is a nice option away from a square bag or trapezoid shaped bag. Some have a big, beautiful buckle and some keep it simple without. There are so many options and I am obsessed with a crossbody. I will be snapping up one of these soon.

Here is another reflection of the lace up. This is showing up all over the place. Some in a tall, gladiator style and other's in more of a traditional ballerina flat. I prefer this ini the way I am showing it. I don't need crazy laces all over the tops of my feet and up calves. In shoe form I like just a hint of a lace and a little fringe. So classy and chic. Perfect with shorts, skinnies or a summer dress. You cannot go wrong.

I love anytime you can take a new twist on a classic piece. A white button up will always be in fashion. This is another one of those. This plays with the silhouette all the way from a small oversized sleeve to cut outs to capes even. This probably the trendiest of the items I listed. So I suggest buying an inexpensive option so if the trend is so trendy it only lasts a season, your wallet will not suffer.

Chambray and denim tops have maintained popularity for several years now. What I am seeing differently this Spring is all denim, from head to toe. Whether it be a dress like I wore here or a denim top and jeans. It some ways it is like wearing black from head to toe , which I do all the time. So the right shade of denim being used the same way is fine by me. If you are not ready to commit to a denim top and jeans, then find a great denim or chambray dress like what I am showing here.

I really love the chicness of the tie waist. So simple. Pants are a tough thing because you don't want to add too much and often it can be unflattering I am not even sure if this would be flattering on my figure but cannot wait to try. I also think it would work well with a mid-level crop top. There is a light and airy feel about this look and a fun way to play with pants.

That's all I got. More than I expected when I set out to write this blog this week. What do you think? Do you have any favorite Spring trends? Love or hate any of these? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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