I am definite a simple girl. 

Well, simple in style anyway ;) I kind of mindlessly bought this top from Target a few weeks ago. It was pretty cheap and I liked the high collar. Then when I took it home I started to get ideas. A few weeks ago the temps were still pretty cold so I couldn't really take full advantage of this top. Now, it is starting to warm up and I am getting excited. I decided to pair it with these Liverpool leggings I am totally obsessed with to create a really clean silhouette. When I did that I immediately thought of Audrey Hepburn. I think it's the pants with such a simple top. Whenever I think of her I imagine her in the iconic black pant. Wearing pants was so progressive at the time and her petite frame wore them so flawlessly. I decided to embody her a bit in some photos, so forgive me while I indulge myself. 

Inspo (credit)

Inspo (credit)

Top| Target
Pants| Liverpool (similar)
Shoes| Madewell (similar / similar)

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