Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday weekend. I am back from my mini-hiatus and in full swing now, a little to my dismay. I am not totally ready to be back in the saddle but here we are. 

Over the weekend we headed up to the cabin for a last taste of summer. I was hoping for some warmer weather, but it was just a hair on the chilly side the whole time. Either way though we had fun. We got up there late on Friday and stayed up for a bit before going to sleep. Reese did not sleep well the whole weekend, waking up every couple of hours to cry before we put the pacifier in her mouth. I am not entirely sure what got into her but it was pretty frustrating. 

Saturday we went up to the local watering hole as they were having a bean bag tournament. We thought Sunday was supposed to be the warmer day and this would be fun. We let D and his dad play on the same team because D's mom and I are awful at this game. They actually got pretty far, we lost twice. Pretty epically I might add. It was fun to watch people play and Reese slept a good chunk of the time.

On Sunday we sat around a bit until the sun came out and did a little later afternoon fishing on a smaller lake. They caught a few things but nothing worth keeping. We had dinner at the resort the lake was on before heading in.  Monday we got up and headed home.

Side note: I realized the only pictures I took were of Reese or Reese and someone, so sorry for the lack of photos.

Reese thought she could drive
While she was refusing to eat

Tuesday was the first day of school where I work so things were a little crazy with school staff. I kept pretty quiet and basically tried to stay out of the way. I am partially ready for this but at the same time I have not had a consistent work schedule since before Reese was born so it is little weird to think about too. 

I eased myself into this by thinking of a fun first day look. I was a little inspired by my 'first days' and went a little 90s retro. I had to buy some new jeans the other day. Some of my old jeans I can totally wear and some old jeans just aren't going to work. Gap had a big 40% off sale and I really like their jeans, especially on sale :) I was drawn to these boyfriend jeans. I have tried a bunch of times to wear boyfriend jeans and with some encouragement from a friend I committed to these. For a looser fit pant I knew I needed a tighter fit top. I dug out this old tank from Target that I bought on a whim and it matched perfectly. When I paired these two items together it just had such a 90s teen movie vibe I knew it would be a great "back to school" look. I updated it with the peep toe booties and what is becoming my staple grey cardigan plus a little mixed metal necklace for a little dressier appeal. Welcome back to school class of 1996! ;)

Top| Target (similar / similar)
Jeans| Gap
Cardigan| RD Style (similar /similar)
Shoes| Lucky Bramd
Bag| Melie Bianco 

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