Happy Halloween Monday! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so having it during the week is a bit of a bummer, however we still throw a party every year. Getting ready for it basically took up our whole weekend so I am pretty exhausted today. 

Friday was a busy day. I worked a full day, hit the gym quick and then came home. I made dinner and then we had to run some really quick errands to Home Depot, At Home and Target. We must have looked crazy almost literally running through the store. When we got home the goal was to clean the house. The house was a mess and I did not want to clean up while they were still trudging through the house with construction stuff. D had to get the garage wired up for party the next day so I cleaned the inside myself. I wasn't as thorough as normal but the job got done. Nothing is better than a clean house.


Saturday we got up early, I squeezed in a quick workout then came home to set up. We made our favorite oreo balls, but made them look like ghosts an ghouls. We set up the garage with a bunch of decorations we have collected over the years. Honestly I am proud of us. We made the garage look good. Unfortunately I did not get any great pictures of the garage. 

We dressed our pups as a cheerleader and rufferee. They were so cute and so happy to have people over. Part way through the night Eva laid down. Just laid down in the middle of the garage because she was so tired. Poor thing.

D and I dressed up as Khal Drago and Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones season 1. Since I announced my pregnancy I have been answering the "do you have a gender preference" question with "uhhh I don't know but I am really hoping for a dragon." Mostly because I think that question is ridiculous and deserves a ridiculous answer. When it came to picking costumes I thought who better than the Mother of Dragons to be this year. D worked perfectly as Drago with his beard and coloring and an idea was born. 

Sunday morning was a bit rough. We cleaned a little bit after the party so we were both pretty tired. I really wanted to do nothing all day and that's pretty much what I did. We ordered out for breakfast and I accidentally fell back asleep. I meant to help D with the rest of the takedown but he basically did it all while I was napping. We wrapped up the night cuddling with the pups on the couch. 

Today is officially Halloween. I can't wear my costume to work but I can still show my holiday spirit. For those of us late minute shoppers I pulled together a collection of shirts to show your spirit at work today. You can go to your friendly neighborhood Target, Hollister, Bloomingdale's or Old Navy to pick up one of these. Happy Haunting! 

halloween tees

halloween tees by mcainmoss featuring Wildfox

one / two / three
four / five / six

What do you think? How you like to pair your vest?

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