Happy Friday! It has been a pretty good week around here, can't complain about much.  I have a moderately busy weekend planned, which is just how I like it. Enough to do to stay busy but time to relax too. We got a few things done around the house this week and a few things for baby, so it was a productive week for us. 

Let's get started with these H54 updates! 

This week I think the colors peaked down here. Every day has been basically picturesque. My normally benign street looked ready to be captured by a camera. Here's the thing though, I didn't. I will try to take some pictures this weekend. I love Fall so much I just get taken in and I don't feel like my photography skills can properly capture it. Or I'm lazy, take your pick.

The renovations around here continue. This week D started putting up some painted boards on the ceiling. This was his idea and I think so far so good. It is going to fancy up our bathroom a lot I think. Probably phrasing it that way automatically negates the fanciness, but what are ya gonna do? It is going to look great and I promise when it is all done I will share with you guys. So many of our projects are contingent on other parts and I want to make sure it is fully complete before I share it. 

Did you see my post on Wednesday about the Tartelette 2 Palette? I bought this palette last weekend and I am obsessed with it I have been able to use it every day. The light colors are perfect for your day to day and the darks are good to punch it up for night time. Be sure to check out  my review!

This week is the MEA break for school. This means I am still working on Thursday and Friday but it is more relaxed. It made Monday-Wednesday a little busier than normal but to have two really laid back days to get some additional work done is glorious. Plus I get to do a little work from home which is the best!

Being that Thursday and Friday were relaxed days I thought I would express my inner casual Friday. I bought this top some time ago from Banana Republic. I bought it a little big because I knew I was pregnant  at the time and I am glad I did. I won't be able to wear it for much longer so I gotta get some use out of it. First, I love a stripe what can I say? I see stripes and I make a bee line. The material is perfect for Fall because it is thick, but not super sweater thick. I paired it with my favorite skinnies, which soon will have to wait out the rest of this pregnancy, and these killer boots I picked up from Target. Seriously Target, you are my everything. They have the cutest boots every Fall. I love the brown/reddish color to these. Slip-ons are also my jam right now. I just bought these so be sure to get out and get them. Top it off with my new Madewell tote and I have my Fall wardrobe.  

Shirt| Banana Republic (similar / similar
Jeans| Banana Republic (similar / similar)
Shoes| Target
Bag| Madewell
Necklace| Onecklace 

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