With Fall in full swing and Winter right around the corner (Winter is coming for GOT fans) that means it is also tights season. It seems like every year I am buying at least 3-4 new pairs each season as they rip and run. I love wearing tights but I do not love fighting with them. Over the years I have opted for a thicker tight versus a thin nylon, they tend to be more durable and warm quite frankly. When I go to my friendly, neighborhood Target there aren't a lot of options. 

When I found out about Berkshire tights I was excited a true variety of options. Of the selection I decided to try three different pairs Luxe Tight, Shimmers Tight , and Sheer Tonal Backseam

Luxe Tight

Sheer Tonal Backseam

The first I tried wax the Luxe Tight. Of the three these are my favorite. I tight that feels, well, tight. I generally prefer a control top that provides a sense of security around my waistline. These had some additional lines of support around the underside of the rear area for a little extra support and shape. They were little more difficult to get on because of this feature but completely worth it once you did. I felt more shapely and confident all day in these. 

The second pair I tired was the Sheer Tonal Backseam. These were my least favorite of the three. Although they do have a control, which in my book is a must, they were the most particular of the three designs. I always liked the old fashioned tights with the line up the back. However, I could never figure out how to keep the line straight so I probably looked a little crazy all day. Also the only functional purpose for tights like this would be a more formal business attire or nicer occasion. Those are rarities in my life. The other downside is they are a thinner nylon so they already ripped. Hence why I prefer a thicker tight like the Luxe Tight.

Last but not least was the Shimmers Tight (not pictured). These were my second favorite. This style was the most true to a real tight. They are thicker and very opaque. I was not sure at first I would like them as they almost felt like a thin legging. I wore them with dress to work and became obsessed. They were super comfortable all day and warm. The mornings have been extra chilly so sometimes wearing a dress can be a bit of a testament to  my Minnesotan cold tolerance. I can easily pair these with a more casual dress or long tunic to help transition some of my summer wardrobe to Fall and Winter.

Be sure to check out Berkshire's website for lots of other options. Finding the right pair of tights is difficult so if you are looking for a good pari to help this Fall and Winter I would recommend checking out their wide variety of styles!

*Disclaimer: these products were received complimentary but all opinions are my own *

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