After my post on Monday I felt the need to expound on the athleisure trend. This is a trend that I have been struggling to figure out. I never quite got it. Does it mean more leisure clothes? Does it mean only athletic wear? You mash up words and it confuses people, or at least me. I did a little research and I have a couple of rules I would like to share:

I liken this to wearing 'barely there' make up. You want it to look natural, but it isn't. You want it to look like you came from the gym, but you didn't. If I am going to wear it for this trend, or just plan comfort, I won't use my actual gym clothes. You still want to look fresh and clean. Let's be honest, unless you are a Real Housewife of name your favorite time wearing your actual gym clothes out does not look fresh. 

I prefer a little more leisure and little less gym. Maybe Gigi Hadid can wear a sports bra and track jacket and look great, but the rest of us can't. I like a little light sweatshirt but mixed with a thick legging. Ladies, the leggings have to be thick or you are going to see things you should not. I also like a jogger pant, but that is best mixed with a more fitted long sleeve top. Keep it comfortable but the silhouette clean and simple. This also goes for accessories. Because you aren't actually going to the gym you can add a necklace or earring if you want. Be very careful though, this is not the time to mix a glam piece to up the fancy factor. I mostly prefer a delicate necklace or stud earring to add a little fashion without over taking the whole look.

This goes a bit with the "don't wear your  gym clothes" rule. I like a shoe that has an athletic look but not super intense. Some running shoes are kind of intense with a really thick sole or crazy colors. Maybe this looks great at the gym but out and a bit it's a bit obnoxious. The goal is to look slick and chic and neon yellow is not part of that.  

The last rule I have is about color. A goal of athleisure is to be easy and casual. In order to help accomplish this keep the color palette neutral. Intense and bold colors add an element of chaos or high maintenance when incorporating this trend. Neutrals provide that effortless "I just threw this on" feeling. Even though we meticulous planned this look. 

I am not just talking the talk, let's walk the walk. I shared some of my favorite pieces to to show you what I mean.


tops by mcainmoss featuring sweatshirt hoodies

one / two / three
four / five / six


one / two
three / four


one / two / three
four / five


one / two /three
four / five

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