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Yes, we're kissing. It's been 11 years married and 17 years together. Holy crap, that's weird to type. It's been a long time, definitely worth celebrating right? Last year for the big 10 we went to Iceland. Seeing as that's out of the picture this year we'll go to dinner and just enough a child free evening. That said, maybe gifts will play a big role this year.

I haven't put together a good wish list on the blog in a while. I know my family and husband rely on that for Christmas and birthdays. Seeing as I hadn't made one in a while I thought I'd pull a few items that would make good anniversary gifts. My husband and I always spend more for our anniversary and keep it smaller for birthdays. Plus I also feel like there are certain items that are more appropriate for an anniversary, right? Am I the only one?

For this special event I usually like the idea of jewelry. Jewelry is always romantic. The necklace is very on trend right now and likely the most budget-friendly item. I like the style of it and also thought maybe I could transfer my initial pendant to it. My long standing hope has been to get an anniversary band. I know lots of people get one on their first anniversary but we were broke as jokes back then. Here's hoping *wink wink nudge nudge.*  I also have been eyeing some AirPods and noticed they are on sale both for Amazon Prime Day and Target deal days. These are cheaper on Amazon and would be an awesome gift for anyone really. I've also had my eye on a camel coat. My nicer coat broke last year and I think this looks so classy and a great neutral color. Lastly, although I love everything here, these OTK boots I have in black and am obsessed. So, I mean, I wouldn't hate them in this color ;)