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We are officially in my favorite season of the year. Fall is the best, hands down and I will hear no arguments otherwise. Unfortunately, it is also one of the shortest, at least here in Minnesota. In some areas of the state the colors have already peaked. Thankfully in the cities, there should be plenty of Fall to go around and I am ready to change the house decor over.

In my last house, I tried to change the decor but it was tough. I didn't have a lot of counter space or shelf space. With a baby and dogs things couldn't be kept on end tables or coffee tables without getting eaten, thrown or both. In this house, I have some shelves, a bigger counter, and a mantle! I'm a nerd but a mantle is what I really wanted. So I'm ready to decorate.

I went looking at my usual favorite spots Target,  Home Goods, At Home, and frankly was disappointed.  Then I started looking at Kirkland's and Amazon and found so much good stuff. For a short season I like to find things that can be easily put out then packed up later. Easy things like vase fillers so you can use the same vase but change the filler each season, or wreaths are good for that too. Pillows are a bit harder just because they don't store well but if you can find one like these that work for Halloween and Thanksgiving you can get more use out of them. I really want this Welcome sign too for my porch. It's black and white so I think I need it. Do you see a pattern with the colors here? ;)  Plus just a bunch of pumpkin stuff!

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