It's been a long time since I got a Causebox. I have done them a couple of times before but took a break because too many subscriptions get expensive. But I love what they stand for and the products they promote. They had some intro boxes this summer and I got a smaller box for less money and some of their favorite products. So I thought I'd share in case you wanted to try and snag the Fall Box.


I was really excited about these. Don't we all have bowls that we want to use to bring food to various parties but don't have lids. These seemed like a great idea so I wouldn't have to use tinfoil or something else not helpful. It comes in a bunch of different sizes. The little ones seem to be too small for anything I have but I thought the really big one could work with some of my serving bowls. Unfortunately, even the biggest one didn't quite fit. So this idea is good in theory and eco friendly, but it doesn't quite work in practice. 


If I'm being honest, I got this intro box for this bag. I saw it and just fell for it right away. I have an old brown purse of this size, but it was breaking down so I needed a replacement. I'm a sucker for a structured bag. I like the idea of putting it down and it not flopping all over the place. Also, it has so many pockets and I love that so much. I can organize my items and no digging around forever to find it. A smaller bag that is great for running quick errands or when the day returns that we can go to bars with our friends. Totally worth it.  


When I saw this in the box I literally squealed. I must be the only influencer left without one. I pretty much opened it up and got to work. It now sits in my office. I love it, the end.


This was an item I have gotten before, I think in a prior Causebox. I honestly never used it before, I kind of didn't get it because it's solid and hard when you open it. But then I did a silly thing and read the instructions and it tells you to wet it down and use it with your facial cleanser. I actually really liked it. Periodically my skin gets really dry and it's a nice way to help with some of that dead skin. It's on a little string and I just leave it hang in my shower and use as necessary.


This was the last item that I wanted to try. It's essentially a hydrating serum. Typically I haven't loved these in the past but I thought I'd give it a try. I used it a few times and I do feel like it really worked. I stopped it when it was warmer because my skin tends to be plenty moisturized. I'll probably pick it up again now that the temps have dropped. A little goes a long way with this product too.

So there you have it. I love these pieces and I love how ethically sourced all of their items are. Be sure to get your Fall Causebox before it's gone.