I gotta say, one of the best times of the month is getting my Rocksbox. It's always fun to have a few new jewelry pieces to try out. Every month I think "I don't need more jewelry" and then it shows up and turns out I was wrong ;)  For those of you who aren't familiar, Rocksbox is a subscription jewelry box. Each month you get three pieces of jewelry to choose from. My favorite feature is you can preview your set and swap out items if you want. I definitely exercise that option. It does make it hard not to buy the whole set each time.

This month felt very summery to me and seemed fitting for the last one of the season. So many good ones, let's dive in!


I'm eternally looking for a great ring.  I had one that I lost recently and I'm super bummed. This is a great simple option. No major bells and whistles but fun design. I had a similar one with some bling in it, which I love. Although I like this option for something more subtle and good for daytime. I'm also a big fan of rose gold so this was hard to turn down. It was really pretty and if I didn't have something similar I would have kept it because it's such a versatile piece.


So I have to say, these are so 90s. Also, I'm so into them. Little hoops are the easiest piece ever for me right now. They are a bit of a statement but nothing too drastic. They make me feel dressed up working from home without feeling ridiculous because, well, I'm at home. It goes with basically everything I wore throughout the month of August and I wore them literally almost every day. These were a keeper!


I'm a fan of anything 'evil eye.' I've ha a connection to it ever since high school when we had a Turkish exchange student and she explained to us the origins of it. This one was a dainty item and a subtle nod to the 'evil eye.' The metal on this was also that brushed finish that looked so smooth. It was really pretty and, again the rosegold. I do have a fair of dainty pendants so I ended up returning.

That's my final summer set. Which was your favorite? Have you tried Rocksbox yet? You should and use my code mymonochromaticlifexoxo for your first month free!