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One of the many reasons I love getting Stitch Fix is for when I am in fashion conundrums. Either there is a piece I am really looking to add to my wardrobe or refreshing my wardrobe, it's great to get five pieces as options in my fell swoop. One of those many conundrums is the transition time of year. Right now it's technically Fall but the weather is still summer, but in Minnesota that can turn on a dime. Enter SF for the win and I asked my stylist for some good pieces and she delivered.


These shoes I didn't know I needed. I have a staple pair of tan block heels that I wear with everything but the second I saw these I knew they would be mine. A block heel I think everyone needs in their closet and when it can be fun but still fairly neutral is always a good day. What I particularly like is the straps are elastic so super comfy and fits like a glove. I'm obsessed with these. I'm not really going anywhere these days but when we do again I'm going to wear them everywhere.

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I thought this dress was pretty cute and flattering. If I had a late summer wedding this would have been a good option. Trouble for me was this type of blue isn't my favorite. Also it didn't sit right on my waist. I'm longer in the torso so things never sit where they should and I didn't want to fiddle with it forever. Also just during these work from home times I didn't see a need for a cute dress.

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So I have received several iterations of this exact blouse and this is my favorite. First navy is one of my favorite colors so that was a win. Second, the sleeveless top is the quintessential transition piece. It works by itself when it's warm but layers perfectly with cardigans and jackets. Lastly, this fabric is so soft and flowy gorgeousness AND matches the shoes. Heavenly.



I have to say this top was cute but just ok. It's a good staple white top. Would be great for work from home life as the temperatures cool off. If I didn't have a few other similar tops it would have been a contender to keep for sure. 

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The last piece was this adorable pullover. I really loved the pattern and it's hard to see but there is a small amount of sparkle in it too, which is so cute! It's a little too winter/holiday styling for me so I wasn't prepared to buy into it just yet. I"m kicking myself a bit because I couldn't find anything quite like it, but if you have SF I would ask your stylist for it.

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