Happy Monday y'all! I am 100% not ready for this work week. We had such a busy weekend and I need a weekend from my weekend. You know what that feels like?  First, little lady turned seven months old at the end of the week so I just have to acknowledge that first. She is more alert by the minute. Recently she started laughing at the pups which is pretty great. We are monitoring her with them close so she doesn't pull on their ears, but so far so good!

Friday I won two tickets to Rummage MN at the state fairgrounds.A bunch of little pop up shops in the newer area of the fair. I guess I was hoping for more rummage at Rummage MN, but it was not exactly discounted stuff. I saw a few cool things in terms of interesting ideas and Minnesota based flair, but I am definitely glad we got in for free. I did discover this new brand Urban Undercover, which is basically travel friendly items like totes, a wrap, and underwear that folds into itself. Super creative and cute! I snagged a small bag and a pair of the underwear to try. Will report back.

Saturday we were in the car basically all day. We drove down to Wabasha (about two hours south) for our friend's little boy's 1st birthday party. We  had not seen them in a while so that was really good and their son is so cute!  He was a little shy and I think overwhelmed by all the people, but he did really good and we were so glad to be there.

That night we drove up to our friend's place in Shafter, an hour north of us, for a movie night. They finished their basement area and wanted to celebrate. They put out a bunch of candy in a sweet display (sweet display.....get it? ;) ] and we actually powered through a couple of movies. I have not done that in a while. Reese was a bit fussier than normal so that was a little disruptive, but eventually, we got her down. They also recently got their hot tub up and running so we sat in that for a bit. It felt really nice with a cool fall breeze in the air.

The next morning they recommended we swing in at this coffee place in Lindstrom on our way home and I am glad I did. I love me some Starbucks but nothing beats a great mom and pop coffee shop. Nothing.

Sunday was equally busy driving home from our friend's place and a bunch of errands. We took the boat to get winterized and then I had to head home to prepare some clothes. You may have seen on my instagram feed my talking about this local opportunity with Collective Market Minneapolis. They call themselves a Closet Swap + Pop Up shop in Northeast Minneapolis this week. I thought it would be a fantastic way to clean out my closet from items that are in great shape, but am ready to part way with. You know what I mean. You'll see a shirt and think that it is still in good shape, but you are just no longer interested in wearing it. This pop up is the perfect opportunity for one person's item to be another person's treasure :) It starts on October 4th and goes through the 7th. Lots of other local bloggers and fashionistas will be selling items from their closet too. It was a lot of work to clean, iron and prep just the right selection of items. If you are in Minneapolis be sure to check it out! 

The event is located at Public Functionary, 1400 12th St NE, Minneapolis. It is pretty nondescript from the outside, so here is how it looks so you can find it :)

It also has these great windows all throughout. 

How was your weekend? Leave me a comment below I would love to hear from you!

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