Happy Monday! Who is ready for this week? Not me, yet here we are. I actually had a pretty great weekend and I am excited to share this look with you. This week is gonna be another busy one but I have blogs planned for the week so stay tuned!

Friday was a fairly uneventful day. I was home because it was MEA break but I was working. Honestly, it was great to have a chill day to just get some paperwork done. I binged on Mad Men and completed a bunch of paperwork. When D got home we decided to make it a chill night in.We ran up to get some Dairy Queen (always worth the extra work out), grabbed some adult beverages and watched a movie. I finally got D to watch La La Land. I had been dying to see it and I finally wore him down. (This was accomplished by providing no other feedback for additional options) and it was good! Not as good as the hype I thought, but I really enjoyed it visually and definitely unique.

Saturday was the most eventful day of the weekend. We woke up and worked out. Reese needed a bath but we had to feed her some solids a couple of times and it felt like a bad idea to give her a bath first. Any moms out there understand this? So she had a naked baby day until after lunch and she looooved it. D's parents were going to watch her so they ended up picking her up for us, which was a huge help. After they picked her up we ran to the mall. I needed to exchange something, pick up something and D wanted a shirt to go out in. We had dinner reservations at 7:45 so we had to be quick. Our closest mall is Rosedale and they have done some major renovations. I know you don't know what it looked like before but I am pretty sure it had not been updated since it was built. It looks so modern and gorgeous now I was really taken aback. I hadn't been there longer than I had realized. We returned my coat and got a couple of things before rushing out to get ready for dinner.

That night we had reservations at Bardo for our eighth wedding anniversary. I bought a dress from Zara that was really out of the box for me and was super pumped about it. My cousin helped me pick the makeup because I legitimately didn't know what to do, but I found this super gorgeous lipstick at Victoria Secret of all places and needed some guidance. She was spot on of course.

How a champ gets ready

We got to Bardo and it was kind of small, which I anticipated. I found it as one of the "hot" places in town and it's in Northeast which we really like. I was not super happy with our table. It was a small two-person table between two open doorways and right under the thermostat. The table felt like an afterthought. It was a limited menu, but I ordered the agnolotti (basically a filled pasta). It was good, not great. Service was good, not great. Overall, I probably wouldn't go back. This is a shame because the location is good and the decor was really good. D thought it was Tuscan but more French coloring. We made the best of it. 

Afterwards, we walked to a nearby bar who I won't even name because it was way overpriced. We had one drink so it would not be awkward and then left. We went to local favorite The Sample Room. We like it because you can get a good cocktail and some decent food and it is quiet enough for a conversation. A great staple and we closed it out there.

Sunday I woke up later than I intended, whoops, and headed up to D's parents to pick up the little lady. We were a little nervous because she had been a bit fussy but thankfully she did really good. We hung out for a bit of lunch and the Vikings game (SKOL VIKES) before we headed home. We finished the night cuddled up on the couch, or I should say I was cuddled on top of, and watching the season premiere of Walking Dead. 

Ok so every once in a while I am super proud of my outfit choices. This is one of them. I was looking for a dress and found one at Zara. I really like that store but sometimes there stuff is too out of the box for me. I was actually looking for some clothes for Reese when I came across this. I liked that it is a mini skirt so I can show off my legs with the OTK boots I barely get to wear. I mean, how many occasions can you wear faux leather OTK boots? It is also what I feel most comfortable flaunting post-baby. What was really risky about this for me was the print and the big sleeves. Not typically what I would wear and I can't really explain why I like it but I do. I think the proportions help balance out the mini part of this in an edgy and modern way. I really loved it, and D did too which on anniversary night is key. I kept the jewelry simple because this dress is enough of a statement on its own. Oh and word to the wise, use their 'find my size' option. It's a European retailer so sizing is different. Now, where to wear this next?

Dress| Zara
Boots| Sam Edelman (similar / similar)
Purse| Gigi 
Sunnies| RAEN

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